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QPR still need to solve defensive issues, admits Chris Ramsey

first_img1 QPR boss Chris Ramsey needs to sign or loan in a couple of defenders to firm up his side’s porous backline.A number of late goals conceded contributed to the club’s Premier League relegation in May and the Hoops head coach admits they still need reinforcements with the opening day of the season just hours away.“That is something we are definitely looking at,” he said when asked about a need for more defensive cover.“Clint Hill is here as a utility player all along the back-four but we know we have to strengthen that area.“One of the things I felt last season was that, as much as we played well and created chances in certain games, we were very soft towards the end of matches from 80 minutes onwards, we lost or drew matches that we should have won.” Chris Ramsey last_img read more

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Newcastle legend says Man United should make Rafa Benitez their next manager

first_imgRafael Benitez should be on Manchester United’s radar as a replacement for Jose Mourinho should they decide to sack the manager, according to Newcastle United legend Chris Waddle.Despite a return to winning ways, Mourinho remains under pressure after overseeing United’s worst start to a Premier League season in 28 years. Rafa Benitez would be a great fit as Manchester United boss, according to Chris Waddle 4 4 4 Chris Waddle says Benitez has the ‘big club experience’ to take on the Man United job The Special One’s job appears safe for now after the Red Devils’ spirited comeback against Newcastle in their last Premier League outing, but losing against former club Chelsea on Saturday could put the spotlight back on the boss.And, should United chiefs decide to wield the axe this season, Waddle believes former Liverpool, Chelsea and Real Madrid boss Benitez should be one of the top contenders for the job.The ex-England and Newcastle midfielder, like most Magpies fans, is full of admiration of the Spaniard for the job he has done at St James’ Park and would be devastated to see him leave.However, Waddle concedes he deserves better than what has been handed to him by owner Mike Ashley and would not begrudge the boss from joining a club with ‘looser purse strings’ in the near future. Waddle believes Benitez’s preference would be to stay at Newcastle, where he enjoys unconditional support from fans despite their results on the pitch.But he admits the lure of adding to his personal trophy cabinet with another bigger-spending club will likely prove too great, especially if Newcastle – who have suffered a poor start toe the season – are relegated from the Premier League again.“I think Rafa Benitez would love to sign a new deal at Newcastle and stay at the club next year, if they can avoid relegation,” Waddle added.“He will have offers from other clubs but he knows how rare it is to have unwavering support from the fans and that’s exactly what he has at Newcastle. Benitez has won the Champions League, Europa League and multiple league titles as a manager 4 Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho dodged a bullet with his side’s win over Newcastle “Everybody at the club from the players to the fans loves Rafa Benitez and wants him to stay for the long-term, but I don’t think anyone would begrudge him leaving in these conditions,” he said.“He is a very talented ambitious manager who is not getting even close to what he wants from Mike Ashley and there’s only so many times you can ignore the approaches from other clubs with looser purse strings.“I think Rafa Benitez should be a candidate to replace Jose Mourinho at Manchester United. He is definitely good enough and has that big club experience having won trophies around Europe.“Manchester United might not consider him due to his history with Liverpool, but there’s no doubt in my mind he would be a good choice.” “But there will come a point where Rafa Benitez has to leave Newcastle in order to fulfil his own ambitions. He wants to compete for trophies and have more freedom in the transfer market, but there’s little sign of that happening at the moment.“Benitez won’t hang around battling relegation forever.”Chris Waddle was speaking to Sportingbet, and you can read the interview IN FULL herelast_img read more

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Hasselbaink ‘working hard’ to turn things around at QPR – Fernandes

first_imgCo-chairman Tony Fernandes posted on Twitter after QPR’s 1-1 draw at Burton to express sympathy for Jake Bidwell and declare that Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink is “working hard” to turn things around.Left-back Bidwell could be out for up to four months after suffering a suspected dislocated shoulder in the game against Rangers manager Hasselbaink’s former club.Jimmy working hard. The boys working hard. Lots of commitment. See you all at Fulham. Many players back from injury. Real shame on Jake.— Tony Fernandes (@tonyfernandes) September 27, 2016My thoughts to Jake Bidwell. Lots of work to do but patience is what is needed. Team is picking up points . Thought we deserved the win— Tony Fernandes (@tonyfernandes) September 27, 2016Rangers have won only one of their last eight league matches but at least salvaged a point courtesy of an equaliser by substitute Sebastian Polter.We have to take the point & need to get back to winning ways… Glad I could help with my goal!🔵⚪ #BURQPR @QPRFC pic.twitter.com/Eu2s5YpG1Y— Sebastian Polter (@polti1991) September 27, 2016Battled hard for a point. Vital goal from the big man @polti1991 thanks to all the travelling fans #BURQPR 👏🏽 🍒 pic.twitter.com/5YhFb6aq8V— Tjaronn Chery (@tjaronnchery) September 27, 2016 Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

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Can the Origin of Life Be Simplified?

first_imgEvolutionists looking for a materialistic explanation for the origin of life know that there is a huge gap between a sea of chemicals and a self-replicating cell.  Over the years since the Miller experiment (see 05/02/2003 entry), there have been several approaches trying to bridge this gap.  One has been the RNA World hypothesis, that RNA molecules fulfilled the functions of genetic storage and enzymatic activity (but see problems in 07/11/2002 entry).  A different approach rising in popularity these days is the “metabolism first” hypothesis.    This approach, championed by Harold Morowitz, Robert Hazen and others, looks for self-sustaining chemical cycles that could grow in complexity till co-opted later by nucleic acids and proteins.  Most researchers in the field are diffident about progress they’re making, but Michael Schirber on LiveScience shucked aside all modesty in the title of his article broadcast throughout the news media (see Fox News, for example), by announcing: “How Life Began: New Research Suggests a Simple Approach.”  Schirber reduced an enormous problem to the simplicity of flipping a switch, making it seem as if metabolism-first was a known fact of history:Somewhere on Earth, close to 4 billion years ago [sic], a set of molecular reactions flipped a switch and became life.  Scientists try to imagine this animating event [sic] by simplifying the processes that characterize living things.Not only that, he said, “New research suggests the simplification needs to go further.”  But then, after the title had done its comforting work, Schirber spent a whole section debunking the RNA World and Miller Experiment scenarios.  He focused instead on the ideas of Robert Shapiro (New York U) who favors the metabolism-first approach, and quoted him explaining why other approaches fail:Shapiro, however, thinks this so-called “RNA world” is still too complex to be the origin of life.  Information-carrying molecules like RNA are sequences of molecular “bits.”  The primordial soup [sic] would be full of things that would terminate these sequences before they grew long enough to be useful, Shapiro says.    “In the very beginning, you couldn’t have genetic material that could copy itself unless you had chemists back then doing it for you,” Shapiro told LiveScience.Shapiro is usually a good realist for spoiling the optimism of researchers envisioning RNA Worlds and primordial soups.  But he has his own hopeful world in an imaginary landscape, where garbage bags turn into powerhouses:Instead of complex molecules, life started with small molecules interacting through a closed cycle of reactions, Shapiro argues in the June issue of the Quarterly Review of Biology.  These reactions would produce compounds that would feed back into the cycle, creating an ever-growing reaction network    All the interrelated chemistry might be contained in simple membranes, or what physicist Freeman Dyson calls “garbage bags.”  These might divide just like cells do [sic], with each new bag carrying the chemicals to restart—or replicate—the original cycle.  In this way, “genetic” information could be passed downThe word “genetic” is in quotes because that’s a pretty loose application of a word so closely tied to information storage and retrieval.    The article jumps to discussing work by other researchers who found a microbe that runs a simple reaction cycle via two proteins.  One of them leaped to the conclusion that “This cycle is where all evolution emanated from.”  James Ferry (Penn State) continued triumphantly, “It is the father of all life.”  Shapiro, wearing his realism hat again, countered skeptically that something had to create the two proteins.  Probability studies show this to be astronomically unlikely (see online book).  He ended with a proverb, “We have to let nature instruct us.”Michael Schirber easily wins Stupid Evolution Quote of the Week with his dazzling, death-defying leap, “Somewhere on Earth, close to 4 billion years ago, a set of molecular reactions flipped a switch and became life.”  What could be more simple than flipping a switch?  He flipped a switch, all right, but in the OFF direction, turning the light of honest science into darkness.  Ferry wins a close second for his zinger about a reaction cycle (in a living microbe) being the “father of all life.”    Robert Hazen (George Mason U) made a great pitch for Metabolism-First in his 2006 lecture series for The Teaching Company, “Origins of Life.”  It’s interesting to hear him waffle between grandiose optimism and the hard realities of the lab.  In the end he has nothing more than visions and hope to keep him going in the face of repeated honest admissions of serious and fundamental challenges no matter what approach is used.  (In addition, he describes in some detail the partisanship and bickering between competing groups.)  Never do any of the workers in origin-of-life research entertain the slightest possibility that materialism might be the wrong answer.  They cannot, because they have already convinced themselves philosophically that science and materialistic philosophy are one and the same.    Unfortunately for them, Metabolism First is another dead end.  Why wait for the capitulation speech?  We already know that genetics is essential to life.  Metabolic reactions cannot code for function; they can only run in circles.  Planets run in circles, too, but they are not alive.  For a metabolic cycle to grow, adapt, “learn” (note Shapiro’s illegal anthropomorphism), and respond to stimuli, it must store information and reproduce itself accurately; and (because all life is built on DNA and proteins), it has to find a way to form these thermodynamically-unfavorable molecules de novo and get them to co-opt the cycle in some kind of genetic takeover.  But Shapiro already knows that proteins and nucleic acids capable of storing information and functioning as cellular machines are astronomically improbable.  Adding improbabilities to improbabilities does not produce probabilities, or even possibilities.  It produces impossibilities, unless one cheats by attributing wants, needs and purposes to the inanimate (see personification fallacy).    Materialistic origin-of-life research has been stumbling backward into the darkness.  Researchers keep themselves entertained not with success in the lab, but with ego, bravado and hype, which is only whistling in the dark.  Claiming the problem is simple (a big lie) is like shutting one’s eyes in a dark cave.  The only way out of the cave is to flip the switch to the ON position.  The switches are everywhere, readily felt on the walls.  Yes, Robert, we must let nature teach us.  Only determination to walk in darkness obscures the clear, well-lit view of the vital necessity of information, and its source: intelligence.(Visited 8 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

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Chomp for Android is a Promising, but Imperfect, Android Market Alternative

first_imgChomp for Android is a new release from Chomp, a company’s whose search engine for iPhone apps launched last year. Available as both an online search engine and downloadable application, Chomp offers an attractive user interface for finding new Android applications which improves on the official Android Market application in many ways.Unfortunately, where the service’s search algorithm breaks down is in one of the most important aspects: the nature of what it indexes and how it ranks its results. This is why a search for “fitness” yields dozens of results but a search for “navigation” returns nothing.Pros: Chomp Looks Beautiful, is Easy to UseIn terms of sheer design, Chomp is the clear winner when compared with the Android Market, in our subjective opinion. Within the Chomp for Android app, search results are displayed as cards you flip through, swiping from side-to-side with your finger. Below the results are related tags which will take you to a new page of results for similar titles. Also on each search result card is an image of the app, a “Get It” button, a truncated item description, a link to read more and a chart showing Chomp’s user ratings for that particular app. Buttons at the top of the search results let you quickly narrow down the items with filters for showing “paid” or “free” apps and “games” or “not games.”Chomp also offers app suggestions as you type. For example, start typing “Puzzle” and you’ll be directed not only to categories and tags like “puzzle games” and “jigsaw puzzle,” but also to specific titles like “Kids Shape Puzzle Lite” and “Puzzle Blox Arcarde!” The order of these items’ listing is based on Chomp’s relevance algorithm. sarah perez Con: A Mixed Set of ResultsUnfortunately for Chomp, its actual search results are a mixed bag within its Android application. At first, it seemed as if Chomp was only indexing application titles and not descriptions, which is why a search for “navigation” returned zero results in Chomp – perhaps the navigation apps out there didn’t include “navigation” in the title? But a comparative search on the official Market proved that theory incorrect. On the first page of the Android Market’s search results was a listing for “Waze: Community GPS Navigation.”Chomp says that, actually, its algorithm returns results for apps based on what they do – that is, their topic, description, etc., in addition to the title. It also notes that a “search by developer” function is underway.A second test search for “fitness” (inspired by the screenshot on the Chomp’s Android Market listing page) returned dozens of results, but some of those were odd inclusions. For example, the fifth result was “Lightning Bug – Sleep,” an ambient noise generator that helps you relax and fall asleep. It may be vaguely health-related, but sleeping is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking “fitness.” Similar white noise applications followed in subsequent results.Meanwhile, the same search on the Android Market returns results where first page listings are all actually related to working out, training, bodybuilding and diet/exercise tracking. No “sleep aid” apps to be found. In our opinion, Google’s algorithm did a better job here and in several other test searches we tried.On the flip side, though, the blog Android Police noted that a search for “mail” returns “Gmail” as the first result in Chomp, but that same search on the Android Market doesn’t see Gmail on the first page of results. This test, says the blog, “demonstrates the superiority of Chomp’s category-based algorithm.”To be fair, some reviewers have also found this algorithm to be the better choice, including those at LifeHacker and TechCrunch. However, ThinkMobile and Phandroid gave Chomp more mixed reviews. Your experience will likely vary, too, depending on what type of application you’re looking for.In Short: Promising but Needs WorkAt the end of the day, a search tool for apps needs to function at least as good as the official counterpart it aims to replace, if not better. Chomp has the good looks to make it a promising alternative – in fact, it’s one of the most attractive mobile search user interfaces we’ve seen to date. But without a better algorithm for helping surfacing relevant apps, it won’t see the adoption it could have otherwise.That being said, Chomp for Android is still a very new application and will be improved upon in time. Already a top mobile search destination for finding iPhone applications, it’s worth seeing how well its Android search technology improves over the months ahead. Assuming it can address some of the concerns cited here, and better its results set, Chomp could be a contender as a viable Android Market alternative. For now, however, it will only serve to supplement, but not replace, Google’s official Android app store. Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Related Posts What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Tags:#Google#mobile#Product Reviews#web last_img read more

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Penn State Trustee Resigns Amid Jerry Sandusky Fallout

The fallout of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case continues. The latest casualty is Steve Garban, a longtime and influential member of Penn State’s Board of TrusteesGarban resigned, bowing to pressure by some of his fellow trustees who were angry at him for failing to alert them about the Jerry Sandusky criminal investigation in April 2011.The trustees have become increasingly alarmed this week that the NCAA will hand down an extreme punishment, possibly the death penalty for its football program for its “loss of institutional control” during the Jerry Sandusky years.Several trustees flatly argued in private sessions this week that Garban’s resignation was needed to show the public the board was serious about “moving forward.”In a letter to board chairwoman Karen Peetz, Garban wrote: “It is clear to me that my presence on the board has become a distraction and an impediment to your efforts to move forward.”“These past months have been some of the most painful of my life,” Garban wrote. “After absorbing the findings of the Freeh Report last week, the Board of Trustees accepted responsibility for the failures of governance that took place on our watch. Following the release of the report, you also asked each member of the board to evaluate our individual paths forward.”Garban is the first Penn State trustee to quit since the release of the Freeh report, which was highly critical of the trustees’ handling of the Sandusky matter and the firing of coach Joe Paterno.The Board of Trustees hired former FBI director Louis Freeh to conduct the investigation, which interviewed 430 people and reviewed more than 3.5 million documents over eight months. The 267-page Freeh report was released July 12.Only one thing is certain: the fallout is not over. More administrators – and the school at large – will go down. read more

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Kolkata resident threatened for voting in LS polls

first_imgKolkata: Amid widespread poll-related violence in West Bengal, a city resident on Wednesday accused local miscreants of threatening his family for voting in the Lok Sabha elections on May 19. “On poll day, I was asked by some miscreants not to cast my vote. They had also threatened me, saying we would face the consequence if we voted. Despite their threats, we exercised our franchise. But we were again intimidated by some people at the polling booth. We were interpreted as BJP voters,” said Manish Marodia, a Beliaghtata resident. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: Mamata “To harass us and block entry to our house, temporary kiosks were set up in front of our three gates last (Tuesday) night. When we informed the local councillor about it, he asked us why we went to cast votes,” he said. The area falls under the Kolkata North Lok Sabha constituency. In a CCTV footage, a miscreant is seen threatening the family of dire consequences for going to the polling station. “With folded hands, you were requested not to vote. Why did you cast vote,” the miscreant is heard saying. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in state IANS, however, did not verify the footage. A complaint has been lodged and temporary kiosks have been removed, an officer from the Beliaghata police station said. The local Trinamool councillor, however, denied the allegations terming them “baseless”. “I could not recognise the Marodia family. Polls were peaceful in the Beliaghata area. Our workers are happy now as the party’s Lok Sabha candidate Sudip Bandyopadhyay would be re-elected with a handsome margin,” he said.last_img read more

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