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Mourning, fear of discrimination, empowerment: ND Chinese students discuss impact of coronavirus on community

first_imgThe outbreak of coronavirus started in Wuhan, a major city in China 7,200 miles away from South Bend. However, before it became a world pandemic in March, the Notre Dame Chinese community had been affected by the epidemic for two months.The impact was not on physical health, but mental health.“I felt a deep sorrow every time checking the news of deaths of patients and medical staff,” said junior Jiadai Li, who is from Shanxi Province, China.Before coronavirus largely impacted the United States, discrimination against Asians had become apparent. A video spread on Twitter showing a passenger on New York subway, who berated an Asian man and sprayed him with air freshener.“I felt indignant watching that video,” freshman James Chen said. ”The racist passenger should be held accountable for hate crime.”Chen is originally from Jiangxi Province, China.Facing the growing epidemic and related issues, students started to take action.In January, several Chinese students established a donation network that delivered 50,000 N95 respirator masks, 1,500 protection suits and 150 goggles to over 40 hospitals in Hubei Province, the center of the outbreak of coronavirus, at the time of an extreme shortage of medical resources in all hospitals.On Feb. 23, Chen sent a letter to the Editor of The Observer that stated “nobody should be labeled and dehumanized as virus spreaders from their ethnicity.”Senior Erin Shang, who is from Beijing, initiated a petition on March 10, asking the University to consider making all courses remote for at least two weeks following spring break.”There is suffering and pain for everyone, but we also try every effort to combat the pandemic and we hope it will pass soon,” said Miranda Ma, the senior advisor for Asia at Notre Dame International.Ma, who is originally from Jiangsu Province, China, expressed hope.“The Sakura in Wuhan will bloom soon,” she said, quoting a currently popular metaphor in China. “The Spring is coming.”“My heart went broken every time I thought of my daughter.”The coronavirus outbreak started in January. Shang said when she was sitting in a cafe in Miami enjoying winter break, her phone started buzzing with news about confirmed cases and cities shut down due to the virus.“I immediately called my family to make sure they’re okay,” Shang said. “When my mom coughed on the phone, it nearly gave me a heart attack.”Shang said she was more worried about her grandparents.“They don’t live with my parents and they couldn’t do online grocery shopping, so they had to go out every day,” she said. “They’re old and if they catch the coronavirus, there is a high risk that they may die.”According to the Chinese CDC, 47.7% of coronavirus patients were above 50. The fatality rate of coronavirus was 14.8% in people 80 or older, reflecting the presence of other diseases, a weaker immune system or simply worse overall health. By contrast, the fatality rate was 1.3% in people in their 50’s and 0.4% in people in their 40’s.Li, whose parents are both doctors, said there was a severe shortage of medical supplies in her parents’ hospitals at the beginning of the outbreak.“They just couldn’t find masks,” Li said. “There was no place to buy masks and barely did they have the stocks. … I was so worried about my parents. I kept telling them to pay attention to sterilization at work every time I called them.”One month later, this chain of concern reversed, when coronavirus spread more widely in the United States.Licun Yu, a Notre Dame parent who lives in Hubei Province, said he was really worried about his daughter.“My heart went broken every time I thought of my daughter, living alone in a foreign country, far away from home, and the coronavirus epidemic there was getting worse,” Yu said. “Who’s going to take care of her if something happens?”Yu said he repeatedly told his daughter to stay on campus, wear a mask and wash her hands.“She always said ‘Yes, I know it, dad,’ but I still worry about her,” Yu said. “When my daughter asked about me and her mom, I always consoled her saying ‘We’re good. Don’t worry. You take care of yourself and don’t let us worry, okay?’”Yu’s daughter, Xuelin Yu, will graduate this May. Yu said he and his wife had planned to attend their daughter’s commencement, but their plan had to be canceled due to the travel ban.“It’s such a pity that I couldn’t share this moment with my daughter,” Yu said. “I won’t be able to see her in a really long time. I miss her.”However, Yu’s parents aren’t the only ones who are concerned.Freshman Kayle Liao, who is originally from Sichuan Province, said her parents told her about the confirmed cases and policy changes in the U.S. every single day. They worried more about her safety than their own.Editor’s Note: Liao is a news writer for The Observer.“I should take good care of myself so that they can stop worrying about me, although they would always be,” she said.She canceled her spring break trip to Florida.“If they know I go traveling under the epidemic, they can’t fall asleep at night,” Liao said.With the increase of students’ and parents’ worries, Ma said her workload has significantly increased.“Every day I received the phone call from Chinese parents saying ‘Should I fly my kid back home?’ or ‘Should my child change to a single dorm room?’” Ma said. “Children are the priorities of many parents and they have every reason to be worried. I completely understand. I try my best to console them, provide them information and let them know that the University is able to protect our students.”Ma said she serves as a bridge between the campus and parents.“During the coordination, it’s very heartwarming to see how supportive the parents are and how much the students trust me,” Ma said. “Their appreciation makes me feel all the hard work is paid off. I’m grateful to help our students and their families and to help Notre Dame operate smoothly during this special time. I’m lucky to be a part of the Chinese community at Notre Dame.”Since January, students have been following the news of coronavirus in China, and some of the news included desperate situations.“On the news, I saw doctors died in the front line, uremia patients and pregnant women couldn’t get medical aid because the city was shut down and medical staff continued to work with the extreme shortage of supplies,” Jiadai Li said.These hundreds of tragic stories drastically contrasted with Jiadai Li’s experience of studying abroad.“When putting down my phone, I looked at the campus of Notre Dame as such a peaceful bubble, which made me even more sadder,” Jiadai Li said.The death of Dr. Li Wenliang on Feb. 7 from coronavirus impacted Chinese students at Notre Dame.Li Wenliang was called in by the police and forced to sign a statement denouncing his warning as an illegal rumor on Jan. 3 after telling his classmates about the new coronavirus that had already killed hundreds in China.His death prompted nationwide anger and frustration at how the government mishandled the situation by censoring information. He has since been referred to as a whistleblower and hero.At the time of Li Wenliang’s death, Jiadai Li was doing assignments at the Duncan Student Center. Suddenly, news and posts popped up on her phone about the death of Li Wenliang, expressing outrage and grief.“The tears immediately filled my eyes, and I went out of Duncan crying,” Jiadai Li said. “I was crying and laughing at the same time because the whole thing was so absurd that I don’t even know I should laugh or cry.”Jiadai Li said the government responses to Li Wenliang’s statements and death have been contradictory.“The government forced Dr. Li Wenliang to admit to wrongdoing for doing a right thing, and the news of berating him was everywhere on [pro-government] TV stations,” Jiadai Li said. ”At the same time, the government also set him up as a model and ‘mourn’ his death. … It’s so hypocritical and absurd that I just can’t stop laughing, and feeling sad.”Jiadai Li said she felt so powerless when seeing how arrogant and arbitrary the authoritarian government treats ordinary citizens.“I don’t think Dr. Li Wenliang is a hero because he just warned his classmates and family about the new unknown virus and this behavior was really normal,” Jiadai Li said. ”He didn’t intend to confront the power.”However, because the tragedy happened to an ordinary person, it resonated with people and made them even angrier, since everyone could be the “next Li Wenliang,” Jiadai Li said.“When we mourn Dr. Li Wenliang, don’t we also mourn ourselves?” read a quote from a podcast that Jiadai Li sent to The Observer.After the death of Li Wenliang, she posted a portrait photo and the police’s letter berating Li Wenliang on Instagram with a crying emoji but received no comments. Meanwhile, on her Wechat and Weibo — Chinese social media sites — the timeline was filled with candles, showing mourning from a large number of Chinese students.“We Are Waves of the Same Sea”Racism and hate crimes against Chinese and Asian people have spread along with the coronavirus.In London, a Singaporean student was beaten up by a group of men who told him “I don’t want your coronavirus in my country.”In Los Angeles, a 16-year-old boy was attacked by bullies accusing him of having the coronavirus because he is Asian American.A Wikipedia item, “Xenophobia and racism against Asians related to the coronavirus pandemic,” lists more than 150 incidents as of Saturday.Chen said he was angry when watching a racist incident on the internet, and said the perpetrator “should be held accountable.”He said discrimination is rooted in the existing racist stereotypes of Chinese people.“The coronavirus may be an outlet or excuse for such hatred,” Chen said. “Also, Chinese immigrants haven’t spoken out a lot in history, and some people just think we’re easy to be bullied.”The coronavirus outbreak’s origin in China may be another cause of discrimination.“[That] the coronavirus appeared in China doesn’t mean it’s Chinese’s fault,” Liao said. “I mean, it might be some individual’s ‘fault’ because they ate wild animals and the virus transmitted to humans, but the majority, like 99% of Chinese, don’t eat wild animals and they shouldn’t be blamed.”According to Vox, the popular theory states that coronavirus derived from a farmer’s market in Wuhan where some people sold wild animals and coronavirus was transmitted to several species before finally infecting humans. The piece contained a note, clarifying that the majority of Chinese people don’t eat wildlife animals and those who do “are the rich and the powerful –a small minority.”“The majority [of] Chinese are innocent and we’re also victims,” Liao said.Liao added that although some blame the Chinese for spreading the virus, “people don’t know they carry the virus.”The surfacing of racist incidents in the United States has made students worry about going out of campus.“I’m scared when seeing the hatred and discrimination cases on the news,” Liao said.Because of seeing news about racism against Asian people in the time of coronavirus, Liao said she felt the need to alter some travel plans.“I planned to go to Florida during the spring break but I canceled it,” she said. ”If I book AirBnb or take Uber, some people might not welcome me because I have an Asian-looking face.”The worry of discrimination doesn’t prevent some Chinese students from wearing masks if going to big cities.“I can wear a mask and draw a smile on it, and writing ‘healthy’ alongside,” Liao said. “Maybe being sarcastic is the only way to keep me safe from racists and coronavirus at the same time.”Although there are no known substantial hate crime cases at Notre Dame so far, there have been several unfriendly experiences for Chinese students.“One of my Chinese friends has heard people joking that ‘Chinese people eat everything,’” Chen wrote in his Letter to the Editor. ”Another of my Chinese friends was seriously suspected of having the coronavirus by her roommate, even though she had checked with the hospital several times.”After his letter was published Feb. 28, accountancy professor Tonia Murphy, sent Chen an email in response.“I’m sorry to hear of the difficulties you have encountered here,” Murphy said in the email. ”We here at Notre Dame must do better. Thank you for the much-needed reminder not to take xenophobic views. … We are all God’s children, deserving of respect and concern.”In an email to The Observer, University President Emeritus Fr. Edward Malloy said any actions of discrimination against Asian students during the coronavirus outbreak would be ”totally unacceptable.”“In times of national and international tension and uncertainty, sometimes the worst in human nature can be revealed,” Malloy said. ”However, I am confident here at ND that such situations can bring out the best in each of us and all of us together.”Liao agreed unity is essential during this time.“What actually solves the problem is that we all take precautionary measures, united together, help each other to combat coronavirus,” Liao said. “The enemy is the virus, not people.”When coronavirus became a world pandemic, unity became more important. This solidarity was exemplified when Chinese tech company Xiaomi donated masks to Italy. The boxes that contained the masks were labeled with a quote from Roman philosopher Seneca.“We are waves of the same sea, leaves of the same tree, flowers of the same garden,” the boxes read.Tags: coronavirus, COVID-19, li wenlianglast_img read more

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Hunt shares credit unions’ TCPA concerns with FCC

first_img 5SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr NAFCU remains concerned that the Federal Communications Commission’s interpretation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act is harming consumers by reducing necessary communications regarding their financial services, NAFCU’s Carrie Hunt told the commission Monday.Hunt, NAFCU’s executive vice president of government affairs and general counsel, wrote the FCC regarding its notice of proposed rulemaking to implement TCPA changes provided under the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015.She wrote that NAFCU and its members appreciate the FCC’s consideration of the exemption under the TCPA to remove the current consent requirement for robocalls made for the sole purpose of collecting federal debt. However, she noted that NAFCU believes this exemption should be expanded “to facilitate communications with struggling or delinquent borrowers.” continue reading »last_img read more

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Blues doctor “has to be respected”

first_imgFIFA’s chief medical officer has thrown his support behind Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro and suggested Jose Mourinho should accept her authority. “If fundamentally her role is changed by virtue of the fact that she has gone on to do her job and he has criticised her for an apparent lack of understanding of the game, if that can be linked to her sex, then there’s a claim there, from her point of view. “It is difficult to know the exact situation regarding the decisions made by Chelsea. “What we do know from previous cases however, is that football tends to exist in a vacuum when it comes to employment issues – and it is safe to say, from reports, that if this situation emerged in another sector, there could be implications for those involved. “For example, as it could be argued that speaking out about her publicly has damaged the implied duty of trust and confidence between the parties, there could potentially be a claim for constructive unfair dismissal.” Mourinho is expected to face questions on the Carneiro situation for the first time on Friday. Chelsea have called a press conference with the Portuguese to preview Sunday’s trip to Manchester City, at 12.30pm at their Cobham training ground. Footage released by Sky Sports on Thursday revisited the animated scenes on the touchline from Saturday’s match, with Mourinho showing his anger towards Carneiro and head physiotherapist Jon Fearn. Mr Hayes said Chelsea could also justify taking action against their employee, including demotion, if they were able to show she had ignored instructions. The Premier League Doctors’ Group has also expressed its concern over the ongoing situation and says a reduction in Carneiro’s role would be “unjust in the extreme”. Both Carneiro and referee Michael Oliver, who summoned her on to the pitch, have received the backing of former match officials’ chief Keith Hackett. Hackett wrote in his You Are The Ref blog: “The doctor was clearly doing her job and has rightly won the sympathy of most people involved with the game.” Carneiro joined Chelsea in February 2009, having previously worked at the British Olympic Medical Institute and with England Women’s Football and UK Athletics. The doctor thanked people for their support on Sunday, posting on Facebook: ”I would like to thank the general public for their overwhelming support. Really very much appreciated.” Jiri Dvorak said on Thursday that club doctors have an “ethical duty to look after the players’ health”, as the fall-out from Mourinho’s weekend outburst following his side’s 2-2 draw with Swansea continued. The Portuguese was furious after first-team doctor Carneiro went on to the pitch at Stamford Bridge to treat Eden Hazard, in the process momentarily reducing the 10-man Blues to nine players, later describing the actions of medical staff as “impulsive and naive” and suggesting they needed to “understand the game”. But Dvorak dismissed the notion of a manager telling medical staff to stay off the field, in the case of an injured player requiring assistance. “I can’t see such a situation and we have to defend the position of the doctor,” Dvorak told Sky Sports News. “Everyone involved has to respect the fact the doctor is in charge. “I don’t want to interfere with the club as such, but I would endorse clearly what the team doctor and the physiotherapist did. When they were asked, they had to come on to the pitch.” Stressing the importance of football club doctors being left to do their job, Dvorak said: “In medical aspects, in medical diagnosis, the manager has nothing to say.” Carneiro could have grounds to launch claims of constructive dismissal and sex discrimination if her role is changed as a result of criticism from manager Mourinho, according to employment law specialist Glenn Hayes. Press Association Sport understands Carneiro is to retain her current job title, but will no longer be involved in matches or training sessions, and if that proves to be the case, Mr Hayes, a partner at solicitors Irwin Mitchell, believes she could have grounds to take legal action. He said: “It’s not entirely clear, the reasons Mourinho said what he has said, but if he said that based on the fact that she’s a woman and not a man and she feels uncomfortable because of that – and I can see why that potentially could be the case, particularly if she has been treated differently because of her sex – then effectively she could bring a claim against both Mourinho and the club. Press Associationlast_img read more

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Burgess Duharra in All Ireland Senior Camogie Club Championship semi final

first_imgHowever the lack of game time will be a concern as they haven’t played since their Munster final win last October.5 time All Ireland winner Donie Nealon is Chairman of Burgess Duharra.Throw-in is at 2 o’clock in Banagher, Co Offaly Photo: Tipp FM / Stephen Gleeson Sarsfields of Galway stand between Burgess Duharra and a place in the All Ireland Senior Camogie Club Championship final.The Tipp and Munster champions bowed out of the competition at the semi-final stage last year.They’ll be looking to beat Sarsfields this afternoon and go one better this time round.last_img read more

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Tottenham in stalemate with superstar over new contract as he makes big demands

first_imgEriksen joined the club in 2013 from Ajax for the bargain price of £11million and is now not only indispensable to the club but one of the best midfielders in the Premier League.As such, the Danish star is demanding a contract comparable with top earners Harry Kane and Hugo Lloris.Kane now has a contract which could net his as much as £300,000 a week if the correct conditions are met, while Lloris saw his pay boosted as he entered the third year of his deal.But right now Eriksen and Spurs are at an impasse. England’s most successful clubs of the past decade, according to trophies won Tottenham Hotspur are at a stalemate with Christian Eriksen as they attempt to tie their player down to a new contract, according to the Daily Mail.Spurs want to extend their playmaker’s deal as he has just two years left on his current one. smart causal Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Christian Eriksen in action. Sky Sports presenter apologises for remarks made during Neville’s racism discussion silverware How Everton could look in January under Ancelotti with new signings SORRY How the Premier League table could change after the Boxing Day fixtures Boxing Day fixtures: All nine Premier League games live on talkSPORT tense Liverpool news live: Klopp reveals when Minamino will play and issues injury update Green reveals how he confronted Sarri after Chelsea’s 6-0 defeat at Man City center_img revealed latest predicted whoops The average first-team salaries at every Premier League club in 2019 possible standings Did Mahrez just accidentally reveal Fernandinho is leaving Man City this summer? Most Popular Premier League News 1 Every current Premier League club’s best kit from the past decade gameday cracker Spurs fans will be worried by the news given they, and the club, see the player as indispensible with no like-for-like backup.If the scenario is allowed to drag on he could soon be in the final year of his deal with Eriksen possibly sold on the cheap, with Barcelona and Real Madrid keen on his services.It poses a huge dilemma for club but one which must be dealt with soon.last_img read more

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Ohio Beef Expo kicks off March 15

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The Ohio Beef Expo, the premier event of Ohio’s beef industry, will take place March 15 though 17 at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, Ohio. This annual event, coordinated by the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association (OCA), includes a kickoff social; breed sales, shows and displays; beef quality assurance sessions; a multi-day trade show and a highly competitive junior show.OCA members and Expo exhibitors are invited to attend The Social, on Thursday evening, March 15, at the Expo headquarters hotel, the Hilton Columbus/Polaris. The kickoff event will auction items for OCA’s PAC fund such as two VIP parking spaces at the 2019 Ohio Beef Expo, an Ohio State fire ring and other great items.For the first time in Expo history, the trade show will open on Thursday, March 14 from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. This allows more time for attendees, especially those that exhibit cattle at the Expo, to visit with vendors and check out the booths that line the Voinovich building. Another change for 2019 is the elimination of the junior show check-in on Saturday. This year, all junior show exhibitors must check-in on Friday, March 15 between 11:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. This check-in time has been expanded from previous years to make up for the lack of Saturday check-in. Also a change for this year, the Miniature Hereford show has been moved to Saturday, March 16 beginning at 8:00 a.m. This show was previously held on Friday alongside other breed shows.Friday, March 15 will mark the official start of the Expo with registration for the judging contest taking place in the Voinovich building’s upper mezzanine. Contest participants will meet at 8:00 a.m. for registration. The breed shows and parades will begin at 10:00 a.m. in the Cooper Arena and O’Neill buildings. From 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m a Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Adult Certification Program session will be offered in the Voinovich building. The session will be instructed by Dr. Steve Boyles and John Grimes, Ohio State University Extension. At noon, youth are invited to attend a Stock Show University fitting demonstration in the Voinovich building. The online feeder cattle sale will be held on Friday at 1:30 p.m. As the sale takes place, judging contest awards will be presented at 2:30 p.m.in Cooper Arena and then youth can attend a BQA session at 3:30 p.m. before heading to the junior show welcome party at 5:30 p.m. for a Weaver Leather Livestock fitting demonstration. Expo attendees can also visit the trade show throughout the day, with over 140 vendors from 25 states that offer products and services beneficial to all cattlemen.Saturday, March 16 will host the breed cattle sales in the Voinovich building, starting at 10:00 a.m. with Angus, Hereford, Maine-Anjou, Red Angus, Shorthorn and Simmental cattle selling. Breed sale catalogs are posted online at www.ohiobeefexpo.com. The junior showmanship competition will begin at noon on Saturday with over 400 participants competing for top honors in their respective divisions. On Sunday, March 17 junior exhibitors will begin showing at 8:00 a.m. in the Cooper Arena.More than 30,000 visitors from 25 states and Canada routinely attend the Ohio Beef Expo. It is ranked as one of the top five largest events in central Ohio and is the premier location to meet Ohio’s cattle producers. Don’t miss it! Visit www.ohiobeefexpo.com for more information.last_img read more

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The Eureka Moment: Challenges

first_imgJeremy Irish: CEO and Co-Founder of GroundspeakBy Jeremy Irish,To me, the core geocaching experience is the “eureka moment” when finding a cache.The word, Eureka, comes from the ancient Greek εὕρηκα heúrēka, meaning “I have found it.” I love this word. It represents that elated feeling of discovery when you move a few leaves to discover that container in the woods, or reaching under a park bench to extract a magnetic key holder. It is a sense of accomplishment and marks the end of a successful journey.Finding a geocache is fun and rewarding, but I’ve always been frustrated of the limitations of a geocache. As a physical object, some places are inappropriate for placing a cache. They can’t be hidden close to each other to reduce confusion, many locations have to be regulated by land managers, and some locations just can’t support a hidden container. But there are lots of cool and interesting eureka moments in the world. So how can we get people there without a cache?We tried this before. Our early attempt was to support virtual caches, which weren’t geocaches at all but unique locations on the world for people to discover. The best of those virtuals still exist today as grandfathered listings, but there was a time when virtuals were hard to qualify. The biggest reason was that we were applying the guidelines of geocaches to virtuals, which required a reviewer to publish them. No one could determine what the subjective threshold for what was a virtual was and wasn’t, so the constant angst resulted in the retiring of virtuals. For years we have focused on the core game of geocaching, but have always wanted to find a way to bring virtuals back.Click on the image for a preview video of “Geocaching Challenges”Spring forward to 2010 when we added the feedback section of our web site. It became quickly apparent that the community wanted virtuals back as much as we did. However, knowing the history of virtuals, we couldn’t just flip a switch and have the same process again. So we sat in a room and tried to distill the idea of virtuals into one sentence. The result was “go somewhere and do something.” This evolved into Geocaching Challenges.Find a location of interest and challenge someone to take a photo or complete some kind of task unique to that location. Make it fun! Take a picture of yourself holding up the Tower of Pisa. Pull statue Lenin’s finger in Fremont (Seattle). We’re looking for the community to define the best challenges in the world.We also know in the early days that there won’t be many Challenges, so we’ll be issuing Worldwide challenges daily. For those old timers, these challenges will be like the old Locationless caches. For example, we’ll challenge you to take a picture of yourself on a boat, kissing a frog, or dressed like a pirate. We’ll be using our feedback site as a way for the community to suggest Worldwide Challenges.What are the guidelines for issuing a challenge? Unlike caches, there aren’t any official guidelines. Instead, you can rate challenges with thumbs up or thumbs down, and there are reporting tools available in the case that a challenge is inappropriate or unavailable. We’ll be tweaking these tools and introducing new ones as the activity grows, to ensure that the community can collectively decide what is appropriate, and what isn’t. For example, there is no 520’ guideline and Challenges won’t be blocked from being issued at Disney World, or even a pub.There will be some restrictions at the start. To reduce the growth during the early days, only Premium Members can submit challenges. Premium Members will be limited to creating a Challenge once every 24 hours. Our hope is that we’ll be able to open this up further once we tweak our system to address the feedback we get from the community.We’re also releasing a whole new set of mobile applications for Challenges, on the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7. We expect that this new activity will be primarily accessed through these free applications, though we’ll continue to support GPS devices.I’m very excited about Challenges, and look forward to seeing what the community can do with the new concept. I also look forward to constructive feedback on how to improve the activity and make it a part of the core geocaching experience. Share with your Friends:More SharePrint Related3 million active geocaches? How to make your cache stand out!May 1, 2017In “Community”What can you do to create lifelong memories?February 11, 2019In “Guest Blog”The Geocaching Vlogger — InterviewSeptember 20, 2018In “Community”last_img read more

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Murder bid on husband Woman paramour held

first_imgGreater Noida: A woman in her early thirties and her paramour have been arrested in connection with an attempt to murder case of her husband in Surajpur area of Greater Noida. Cops said that the woman plotted conspiracy to eliminate her husband over her alleged extra marital affair. According to police, the arrested persons have been identified as gym trainer Rohit Kashyap, a native of Burari area in Delhi, Rohan of Govindpuri area in Delhi and wife Shikha, native of Burari area. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderThe incident occurred on July 23, when the victim identified as Rajiv Verma, a sales manager at Oasis Venetia heights in site-c Surajpur area of Greater Noida had arrived his office around 12 pm and was taking out his bag from the car when he was shot by bike-borne assailants. “Two men driving on a black pulsar motorcycle stopped near him and opened indiscriminate fire on him. The victim survived but sustained four bullets in her hand and legs. Police lodged a case in connection with the incident and arrested three persons after sustained investigations,” said police officials. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchingsVaibhav Krishna, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Gautam Buddh Nagar said that the woman wanted to eliminate her husband over her one-year long extra-marital affair with the gym trainer. “During investigations, we got clues of involvement of victim’s wife into the case and the investigating team went through her call details. A number which was being called frequently got surfaced. Police tracked down the accused and upon interrogating him he confessed to have committed the crime. Victim’s wife was called for questioning who also confessed to crime,” said Krishna. “Upon interrogating the accused persons, it came to light that the woman had also given Rs 1 lakhs 20 thousand to Rohit to hire a contract killer and eliminate her husband Rajiv. Rohit involved his friend Rohan into the crime and both of them opened fire on Rajiv outside his office on the day of incident,” added Krishna.last_img read more

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No doubt in my mind they met a tragic event Mikmaq community

first_img(Moccasins on the shores of Bras d’Or in memory of sisters Judina Noel and Kate Michael and their husbands, Noel Marshall and Joseph Michael. The fifth pair is for Kate’s unborn child. Photo: APTN)Trina RoacheAPTN National NewsMi’kmaw elders held a quiet ceremony in the early morning drizzle Wednesday along the shore of the Bras d’Or Lake in Cape Breton to honour four people who went missing 80 years ago.“On March 30, 1936, they left here that morning,” said Joe Michael. “They went across to Big Pond. This is where the ceremony will begin. And in Big Pond, where they camped and fished for eels…Big Pond is where we’ll capture their spirits.”Judina Marshall and Kate Michael were sisters from the Mi’kmaw community of Eskasoni. They traveled across the Bras d’Or Lake by dory that day with their husbands – Noel Marshall and Joseph Michael – who took their eel spears.Mi’kmaq Elders hold a ceremony on the shores of Bras d’Or Lake. Photo: APTN The women had their baskets and crafts to sell or trade for goods.But they never returned.The Mi’kmaq spent over a month combing the waters and surrounding woods for clues but found nothing. Eight decades has passed but the community never let it go. The late Greg Johnson and Charlie Morris spent years searching for the truth.About three years ago, Joe Michael, a retired RCMP officer, and the grandson of Kate and Joseph, took over the investigation. He rounded up accounts of what happened.No one has ever found the bodies but Michael did find something else – someone who had seen the dory.Michael said he was told the bottom of the boat looked like it had been smashed with an axe, as if someone tried to sink it.“No doubt in my mind they met a tragic event,” said Michael. “Somebody did something over there. Can I say murdered them? No. I don’t want to say that because it’d be too, um, I don’t know. It’s probably not the word to use right now. They met a tragic end and that’s where their bodies are. Still over there.”The RCMP never investigated in 1936. In 1965, the chief of Eskasoni Charlie Francis asked police to re-open the case, but police declined.“There was nothing, not back then,” said Elder Georgina Doucette. “Things were different in Cape Breton. I guess there was so much racism that when anything like that happened to our people it didn’t get investigated. It was hardly mentioned in the paper, just a small paragraph and that was it.”She said Wednesday’s ceremony was also about moving past the frustration to forgiveness.Georgina’s son Michael Doucette sang and drummed He smudged those gathered along the shore.“I’m sure over there they feel anxiety that we’re re-opening this,” Doucette told everyone. “We’re not outright accusing them. But in our hearts we know what happened to our people.”The day is about closure – for the Mi’kmaw community who has wondered for decades what happened and the many descendants. The two couples left behind a total of 14 children. Kate Michael was eight-months pregnant at the time she went missing.“I feel good bringing the spirits home to Eskasoni,” said Georgina Doucette. “I think we’re all very happy that this memorial, this ceremony took place. Something had to be done. You can’t go on thinking they’re there, somewhere across the pond.“In my heart, I do believe something tragic happened to my aunts and my uncles. And the unborn child.”A caravan of cars drove around the Bras d’Or Lake to hold the next part of the ceremony at Big Pond. It’s known that the two couples arrived here and had tea with friends around 11 in the morning Joe Michael has pieced together some details. He’s convinced they met a violent end that involved a confrontation between the men and one or more people in Big Pond.“The women, my grandmother and her sister, they were probably standing by watching what was going on and became victims,” said Michael. “The wrong place at the wrong time.”Michael won’t divulge all he knows. He said it’s enough that he and the family members know the truth.Georgina agreed. The two sisters, Judina and Kate, were her aunts.“We never had any answers just speculation and hearsay,” she said, adding that no one ever believed the theory that the four people drowned. “We don’t want to go out there making accusation or having people put words into our mouths or add on to the story. They’ve been there 80 years and I would like them to just continue their journey so we can all have peace.”Michael placed moccasins along the water’s edge. People reach down and lay their hands on the pebbled beach. Somewhere on this shore are the bones of their ancestors. Elder Susan Marshall led prayers and tobacco offerings.“We’re here today to release the spirits of our ancestors who went missing 80 years ago,” said Chief Leroy Denny as he addressed the crowd, much of it spoken in Mi’kmaq.More prayers. A final Mi’kmaq Honour song.The group headed to the church in Eskasoni, where over 100 people were waiting. Mi’kmaq cultural traditions and Catholicism were intertwined. They brought in five crosses for the four men and women and the unborn child who died.A gentle version of Amazing Grace is sung in Mi’kmaq.At the end of the service, Michael stood up and gave everyone his account of what he believed happened. Most likely, they were killed. And nothing was ever done about it.“We’re not here to press charges or prosecute anybody,” he said. “1936 is gone. Today is about forgiveness.”The community is fundraising now to put up a memorial which will tell the truth about what happened to Judina and Noel Marshall and Kate and Joseph Michael.“It will make a difference in our stories now and we can tell our children,” said Georgina Doucette. “No more speculation. We know what happened.”[email protected]last_img read more

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Buffon is not after the Champions League anymore

first_imgItalian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, told the press that his dream of someday winning the Champions League is long gone from his targets.In the life of Gianluigi Buffon throughout over 24 years of career, winning the Champions League almost became an obsession but he never really could fulfill that life goal after so many years.Watching the goalkeeper crying after losing a final became something very common during his time at Juventus, his side was simply not fortunate enough to get that recognition and he eventually decided to stop losing sleep over it.Now that he has made the switch to PSG, the Italian goalie is mostly thinking about the best way to retire and he considered several options as he revealed this Tuesday.PSG just won a Coupe de la Ligue match vs Orleans 2-1, Buffon got in for Areola during the second half and played a fairly good match in the time he had to prove that he is still in great shape.After the game, the press wanted to ask him some questions about retirement and what he is expecting in the Champions League this season for PSG.Manager Thomas Tuchel has made the decision to split the time for both goalkeepers, something that has filled the Italian with hopes for him this season.It was going to take a special offer to keep Gianluigi Buffon in football.He got it ✍️ pic.twitter.com/N4znJu9lPu— B/R Football (@brfootball) December 18, 2018“I had decided to retire. In my mind, I thought the only option was if Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid or Barcelona had come calling,” he told RMC as quoted by Football Italia.“They were the clubs I considered crazy, a dream that wasn’t really worth thinking about seriously. So I was already organizing my post-football life.”“Yet this call arrived in May. I took two weeks to think about it, because if I make a promise and give my word, I want to do it well. I don’t like to embarrass myself.”“After a little introspection and analysis, I thought to myself, I can do another year or two and I can do it well.”“I think PSG will be my last club, because this was a gift to me from life, a reward for behaving professionally. I want to stop playing at a top level club. I never considered going to another country, as I started at a top level and want to end at a top level, that is for sure.”Neymar responds to PSG criticism with a stunning winner Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 Despite all the backlash he got today at Parc des Princes, Neymar responded by scoring a stunning winner vs Strasbourg.We all knew that Neymar’s…“As soon as I met the directors, they said our objective is not to win the Champions League, because over seven years we’ve realized this is really difficult. You can’t set that as a target, but we have the ambition to improve, that is true.”“Paris Saint-Germain reached the quarter-finals, so the objective is to take a couple more steps forward and keep going that way.”“I have been trying for 24 years to win the Champions League and never won it! So I know how hard it is to have just that objective, and above all how wrong it can be to have just that as an objective,” he concluded.Tiene 40 años y sigue compitiendo en la UEFA Champions League. Qué clase de leyenda. ETERNO BUFFON. pic.twitter.com/0RbMsxezIe— Invictos (@InvictosSomos) December 13, 2018At the very start of the season for PSG, things were quite difficult as they started with a defeat at Anfield Road.However, the squad managed to get back on their feet thanks to amazing performances by several of their star players and Buffon’s experiences have also been an essential part of it.The main reason that the French giants decided to convince Buffon to sign for PSG, is because of how much he can bring to the table in terms of wisdom of all the competitions he has been a part of during his time at Juventus.‘Gigi’ didn’t really take too much time to think about the offer, but he doesn’t even like obsessing about the trophy.Sometimes when you stop craving something, it may finally come to you in a more organic manner.Maybe this is the season for Gianluigi Buffon, he has a top squad to achieve great things.46′ PSG made a halftime substitution, with @gianluigibuffon replacing @AreolaOfficiel in goal #AllezParis 🔴🔵#USOPSG pic.twitter.com/yma2KFzRpJ— Paris Saint-Germain (@PSG_English) December 18, 2018Do you think ‘Gigi’ Buffon has a big chance to win the Champions League this season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more

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