Month: July 2017

Stationmaster must read how to write an original article really

this topic I estimate 10 station 9 are written? But don’t worry, please be patient to see it, believe how old article can bring you the same harvest


play website, in addition to the technology and resources, and what is the most important? If you are old, it must be content, or article. For example, technology is like the skeleton of a web site, and the article is its flesh and blood. For most people, the first thing to see is flesh and blood, and only the real expert will go about the inner skeleton. read more

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My T tribe propaganda experience

1, Baidu knows

Baidu know it is a good place for a website, but advertising is not blind, to answer people’s questions seriously, help others to solve the problem, people will believe you, you will be assured of landing station, will feel your site content is real. Now I know that the account has more than 8000 points, senior manager, (alas, soon became an immortal) here must pay attention to the point is, try not to answer the question with the URL, if the questioner is "issues related to the operating system, the operating system can make the column address you stand to him, that Baidu would not think you are spamming, I have several foreign experience, answer for several weeks, all with the domain name, the domain name of the post All deleted, depressed, heavy losses, but also my account disabled 3 or three days. read more

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The turnover rate of Optimization Website Taking school as an example

, the so-called website transaction rate, refers to the percentage of visitors who consume behavior in the total visitors of this website. This ratio is very important for the sale of product type websites. For a simple example, a website has a IP of 1000 per day, with a turnover rate of one percent. The average unit price is 100 yuan. It is said that the site can be traded 10 pen a day, day sales of 1000 yuan; if the site of the rival site, selling the same product, daily visits, the average customer price are the same, but the turnover rate increased by one percent, reaching two percent, then this site every day may day sales turnover of 20 pens, 2000 yuan. In other words, the two traffic basic similar site, in the transaction rate slightly different, actual sales and final profit will be very different. Especially in the website traffic acquisition costs more and more today, finally through a variety of channels or promotion to customers to guide their website, the loss is certain, but how to keep more people buy on the website of the promotion of investment and sales have very great influence ratio. Nowadays, how to improve the transaction rate of the website has become a subject that has been studied and has already made a lot of research results, and some people even sell relevant training courses at the core. read more

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Talk about the dilemma of independent blog development from Google AdSense

recently, two good Chinese blog, Chrome fan and Ruan Feng blog Google AdSense account was shut down, Chrome fan after a complaint, its AdSense account has been restored.

Google, why don’t you explain the reason for the ban

Chrome fans said, the real reason for disappointment is that Google is not Google given the move closure publisher AdSense account any explanation. Google does not explain in detail the specific technical details of the closure are reasons, cheating and anti cheating AdSense is a long-term and complex work, if the Google publisher to explain in detail the principle of anti cheating, it will undoubtedly lead to the "road bearing in mind the situation, make greatly enhance the cheating technology. In view of this risk, Google only on the anti cheat system to take strict security measures to prevent leaks in this area, most terminated accounts have been told that because of" invalid clicks "caused by. read more

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Website promotion how to make enterprise brand and ranking both

website promotion, optimization, development, to today, has spawned a variety of ways. At the same time for different industries, there are different website promotion strategy. From the previous site promotion requirements ranking, to the current enterprise brand promotion, enterprises in the network promotion constantly looking for the market, but also constantly close to the user. So, enterprise website promotion, enterprise brand and ranking how to have both?.

enterprise website construction is our website promotion base camp, we need to work hard on this, for the next site promotion optimization to prepare. The following points are very important to us on our website promotion, ranking and branding. read more

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Online marketing of clothing enterprises

2008, the global economic environment pressure caused a greater impact on the traditional clothing industry, in this case, many traditional clothing enterprises began to look for intensive business model at the same time, some investment also continue to pay attention to the Internet, new business models and commodities continue to emerge, because of this, the external economic downturn is not related to the clothing network marketing. The clothing e-commerce market prospect has attracted a lot of capital investment, also attracted a lot of attention to new entrants, especially in the field of direct marketing can be extended B2C, a larger space, the clothing e-commerce industry have just entered the initial stage of development. At the same time, although the B2C market continues to pour new people, but clothing products are mostly concentrated in men’s clothing and young people for low-priced styles, a variety of fashion clothing, the number of thousands of homogeneous phenomenon is also inevitable. IResearch believes that in the early stage of development of the apparel e-commerce market has yet to be standardized and integrated in the enterprise network marketing strategy needs to be learned, especially small and medium-sized clothing intensive and meticulous farming, enterprises should strengthen the network marketing training, and the future of personalized, minority groups will become the development trend of the characteristics of clothing. read more

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Actual combat analysis how to find a way out of small and medium sized websites

this several day stay to see the Internet industry in the Internet, the observation is that the upper portal and some big site basic form to settle in, like navigation website can’t be a hao123, a small site is a mess, there are not well, can be said to be the dragons and fishes jumbled together. What is the reason why the world of small and medium-sized webmaster is so confused? The following 3 reasons lead to it.

1, the number of sites is too much.

now many sites under the domain name registration activities of 1 yuan, for example in the name of CN network data domain name registered 1 yuan. This leads to the establishment of the site of the threshold in the decline and gradually popular, and now build a web site with you on the Internet next software as simple. read more

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David Beckham new model for small and medium enterprises to achieve cost free network marketing

recently an old friend and I chatted, your domain name now is more and more uncomfortable, and their own brand does not take sides, and its own brand of good domain name query by either price or add letters of domain name. This can not help thinking another angle Beckham, inherent mode of small and medium sized enterprises in the "general domain name + small website" can last long, small businesses want to promote business, will first be a domain name, buy a space, a set of procedures, open. If there is no professional marketing network operators, such a site is really not much commercial value: the lack of interaction, lack of brand, security is low, search engines often do not face. read more

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Learn from successful people train webmaster success six essential ability

China Internet users has exceeded 400 million people, China Internet users more institutional assessment in 2011 will exceed 600 million people, such as Ma Yun said: "if the next five years you do not engage in electronic commerce, then you will have no business can be." Seemingly exaggerated words behind, but it is the Internet to the current people’s lives, work has brought tremendous changes. No matter men, women and children, countless Chinese are becoming more and more used to shopping online, not to mention entertainment, information, forums, chat and so on. This is the Internet in China, the rapid development of social development of the deterministic performance, but also means that the Internet contains great business opportunities and countless opportunities. read more

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How does the American group make itself a core in the group buying market

don’t know what time, their ears from the "rice group, group purchase manufacturers, Wo Wo Group beauty group handlepublic comments and" to reduce the U.S. group, rice, public comment, and then directly is the U.S. group exclusive endorsement. Some time ago, the U.S. group also announced its earnings in 2013, the data show that in 2013 the U.S. group’s overall income of 16 billion 600 million, the annual profit. This is the first in the group purchase industry, compared to other resources, channels, funds continue to still grappling with the manufacturers, beauty group profit should be a good news for the industry. In fact, there are a lot of the original, with the United States together in Chinese group purchase market enterprises including friends, initially are rich handsome, is very rich in resources, but in such a case the U.S. mission to achieve the transcendence, visible Wang Xing in the operation of pragmatic and prudent style. read more

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