Month: March 2017

Xining has direct flights to Hohhot

June 9th, the reporter from the city of China held a new route to promote tourism at the meeting learned that from June 6th onwards, China Airlines opened a new route of Western Tourism: Dalian – Hohhot – Xining. The opening of the route will play a positive role in the prosperity of the city’s tourism market.

it is understood that, in order to meet the market demand of the tourist season, the new route opened, set up Dalian, Inner Mongolia and the city’s air bridge, the beautiful Qinghai Lake, the vast grasslands of Inner Mongolia scenery and pleasant scenery of Dalian Binhai together to provide convenient conditions for the promotion of business, tourism, the cultural exchange between the three. The route is the first day of June 6th, flight number G52647, 4 classes per week will be implemented, that is, Monday, three, day. The flight took off from Dalian Airport 14:35, 16:10 arrived at Hohhot Baita International Airport, 40 minutes after 16:50 to take off, 18:35 arrived at Xining Caojiabao Airport, the whole about 4 hours. The flight was executed by CRJ900 aircraft, which was introduced by China Aviation Co., ltd.. read more

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This winter the provincial capital of thirty thousand new natural gas users to benefit more than 5

sells stoves and chimneys…… This winter, the provincial capital of many old residential areas will be used on natural gas wall boiler. In October 11th, a reporter from the Xining oil and gas limited liability company was informed that this year, in Xining City, more than 30 thousand new users of natural gas, the new old residential natural gas users to more than 5 thousand residents.


of South East area of Xining City Hospital No. 1 is the last century in 80s the families, the natural gas pipeline in the Yellow frame outside the building, in which more than and 60 households in the eyes, this one eye-catching yellow as warm as the winter sun. read more

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Service desk has covered nearly 640 thousand teenagers

March 18th, after half year’s test running, "Qinghai Youth League 12355 youth desk" in Qinghai National University was formally established, the service platform through the network, and other forms of the province’s youth hotline to provide a series of voluntary service.

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The Belt and Road Taiwan to promote halal industry development

May 15th, the 2015 day of the opening of the Qing food exhibition, the provincial Party committee, governor Hao Peng (middle), the Provincial Standing Committee, party secretary Wang Xiao (right) and other provinces and cities to visit the food show.

in order to open up further cooperation between channels, expand international cooperation in the field, the afternoon of May 15th, in Qinghai province and the "The Belt and Road along the country’s economic cooperation Roundtable, President of the Islamic Association of Malaysia Chinese, Vice Minister of the Ministry of international trade and industry, Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Kazakhstan state, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, 12 countries and regions and around the embassy counsellor, The Belt and Road along the State Economic and trade cooperation in a wonderful speech. Chinese Council Chairman Jiang Zengwei, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Hao Peng speech. Provincial Standing Committee, party secretary Wang Xiao attended the meeting, vice governor Han Jianhua chaired the meeting.

two recommendations: to promote business cooperation. Encourage enterprises to carry out pragmatic cooperation in infrastructure, information and communications, agriculture, animal husbandry, strategic emerging industries, ecological and environmental protection, to achieve complementary advantages and common development. Promote new energy, textile, bio medicine and other key enterprises to enhance the competitiveness of cooperation.

three recommendations: to strengthen cultural exchanges. Active mining "The Belt and Road" historical and cultural connotation, extensive cultural exchanges, academic exchanges, personnel exchanges and cooperation, lay a solid foundation for deepening bilateral cooperation.

four suggestions: to carry out multi-level and multi form exchange visits, forums and other activities, the inter governmental cooperation mechanisms, serve as a platform to clean food exhibition, jointly promote the establishment of long-term cooperation mechanisms.

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Xining 34 couples were allowed to have a separate child of two

"Two children alone" policy is a major adjustment and improvement of family planning policy, is a major measure to adapt to the new situation of population development, in line with public opinion. March 27th so far, the province alone two child policy has been implemented for two months. Yesterday, the reporter from the Xining municipal health and family planning committee was informed that, as of May 26th, Xining city has 34 to meet the two separate child policy couples through the approval, received the "two child birth certificate of service", can happily achieve their two children dream. read more

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Xining North City to take measures to stabilize the price guarantee supply

in order to ensure the basic stability of market prices during the holiday season, the north of the city of Xining District Bridge in the bazaars and building the south market to more than and 100 cheap vegetables point the issuance of temporary price subsidies of 44 thousand and 700 yuan of funds, strictly control the vegetables zero slip. All relevant departments to take effective measures to stabilize prices, protect the basic livelihood of the masses.

to do the life consumption of material supply and price stability control, led by the district government, with prices, industry and commerce, urban management, finance, public security, towns (Office) and other departments actively play the supervision function. At the same time, strengthen price monitoring and early warning, monitoring the implementation date of report system of grain, oil, meat, eggs, vegetables and other residents of important daily necessities prices, increase the implementation of zero slip control efforts of the main vegetable varieties belonged to the farmers market 27, effectively curb the price of vegetables is not reasonable price. Continue to implement the highest retail price management of the retail price of beef and mutton in the main markets. read more

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Used to hang up and lift up

* the thirteen plenary session of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection held in Wang Xiao, attended and addressed the * * * efforts to create a new situation in the city’s overall strict party  

(reporter Xiao Fang) in February 22nd, the thirteen session of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Sixth Plenary Session of the CPC Xining City, held at the Qinghai Convention Center, party secretary Wang Xiao attended the meeting and made a speech. The meeting summed up the city’s clean government and anti-corruption work in 2015, arranged for the work of the task in 2016. read more

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Xining municipal transportation departments intensify supervision and management of taxi industry

in order to improve the taxi industry overall level of service and quality, Xining yunguanchu recently increased supervision of the taxi industry.

inspection department recently taken on the inspection, the focus of remediation, in violation of single taxi refusing illegal behavior, is also a regular driver occupation moral education and legal education, business training. (author: Zhang Nalong

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Xining City ndustrial and commercial enterprises will be held for a large green

Reporters from the city of

in June 8th Industrial and Commercial Bureau was informed that this year to ensure that the introduction of the key investment projects, promote the leaping development of social economy in Xining City, recently, Industrial and Commercial Bureau Zhuchaoyinfeng, innovative measures, make investment to achieve new breakthroughs.

It is reported that

, in order to promote this investment work smoothly, the relationship between Industrial and Commercial Bureau relying on foreign contacts in Xining City, by building a platform to attract investment, business investment, from business to business investment, play the role of bridge and link, through the initiative and contact the foreign friendly branch, a private association and other departments to communicate, establish contact channel enterprises and foreign enterprises in our city, and through the Qinghai brand promotion propaganda, sincere investment, the implementation of preferential policies in investment work, provide a full range of services. read more

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Wisdom wisdom boost the development of Qinghai

was in September of a year.

Qinghai plateau, ushered in the "become" three years of old friends – "Beijing Youth expert service group" experts. Involved in health care, agriculture, animal husbandry, environmental protection, science and technology and other areas of the 16 Beijing experts and experts in the province of the formation of the "think tank" on the plateau, into the pastoral areas, the grassroots, to the front line of the 27…… To the province’s hospitals, schools and research institutions and other grassroots units, through the development of academic lectures, technical guidance, scientific research, project demonstration, decision-making consulting, personnel training, etc.". At this time of the year, Qinghai is more attractive because of "wisdom". read more

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