How to succeed in business of a shoe store

How to succeed in business of a shoe store

March 19, 2017 ubkfoqkq 0

shoes are indispensable in every person’s life supplies, everyone needs, frequent replacement, all market sales are very large. So open shoe is a very promising market investment projects. So, how to run a successful shoe store?

in the shop before, we should fully understand the concept of discount stores, identity more likely to success. Spend a little time to think: Chinese advantage is labor-intensive enterprises, 80% of the world’s shoes in Chinese production; Chinese is the "world factory", "and in Guangzhou as the center of the Pearl River Delta Center; Guangzhou is the factory of the world" Chinese largest shoe, that supply is absolute advantage.

input can be less, can store small decoration materials can be some (but not a decoration style), but the store location must be in the market place many people, even if it is opposite in the vegetable market.

Continuous and style update speed of

The first guest

Wangpo saying, how things will need to spend a little money to do publicity: local classified ads, outdoor advertising and television advertising, posted the font mobile phone SMS advertising, are less expensive and better way. The headquarters are ready for your authorization card, authorization, Yilabao, POP, posters, plates, VIP cards, shopping bag, the hanging must hang out! Image in place, to give people a sense of trust, a sense of taste enhanced ten times.

each purchase supplement for the next quarter good style, or with short. Headquarters is bound to be the shortcomings of their own

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