Meiji ice cream to join the headquarters to join the support of many

Meiji ice cream to join the headquarters to join the support of many

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ice cream business, in our side, is also very common. So, what kind of ice cream to join the project is better? How about the Meiji ice cream? With the characteristics of the brand to join the project, is the choice of the city!

ice cream ice cream to make money?

Meiji dairy (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. belonging to Meiji, founded in March 2011, built in September 2012, the dairy processing plant modernization in Suzhou high tech Zone, the factory covers an area of 35 thousand square meters. As the production of dairy products company, started production in September 2013, the Meiji Meiji meets the specified requirements of the company to provide high-quality raw milk ranch, provide low milk and yogurt and cream and other products for domestic customers Chinese.

company grasps the market pulse, provide professional fast service to the western management mode to ensure that the quality monitoring is the foundation of our factory, we will uphold the high quality, efficient, rigorous and innovative purposes, is more accurate grasp of the general consumer groups, as far as possible to appropriately transfer bags consumption concept. Collecting customer feedback information, used to own brand.

join support

1, store location support: expert group accompanied by visits, select the best shop address, to ensure that the consumer groups to maximize.

2, solid practice support: exclusive formula, production process and production methods, so that you learn in the store.

3 system, training support system: 360 degree training, do the fragrant spareribs management of versatile talents.

4, store design support: to provide a complete recognition of the brand image of the CD, the standardization of the completion of the terminal shop decoration.

5, follow up the supervision and support: to carry out the investigation and evaluation of the brand standard shop, put forward some suggestions and suggestions.

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