Self owned business 6 mistakes affect your success

Self owned business 6 mistakes affect your success

March 19, 2017 gtfgzpay 0

in recent years, entrepreneurship is a hot topic, entrepreneurship has attracted much attention, the so-called self entrepreneurship refers to entrepreneurs mainly rely on their existing resources, capital, information, technology, experience and other factors to start their own industry, to solve the employment problem.

eventually brought great losses to your website, it is not the website you want. But you have to know this: anything that can go wrong, and at the end of the day, make a mistake – it’s Murphy’s law. There are countless ways to spend money on a company, but it is impossible to spend all the money wisely. Some common and costly mistakes, may make the self-reliance of enterprises in dire straits. 4 American entrepreneurs experience, put forward that they need to guard against the trap, and experts on how to avoid these traps advice.

error 1: choose the wrong team

"in the business enterprise to choose who to hire and work together and who, like playing basketball on the playground; you can call your friends to play together, but if you want to become the best team and long gallop on the pitch, you must carefully choose your team." He explained.

choose to have different skills of the people is very important. However, Bill ·, said Ouellette, "like a great team, they must also have shared values and the ability to trust each other in difficult situations. That’s why, in a stressful situation, you have to work with your co founders and early employees to gain experience, which is more important than you usually become friends."

Error 2:

pricing unreasonable

"my first business is a handbag company, the biggest mistake, it is the price." Sarah , chief executive officer of Entreprenette, a consulting firm in Colorado, Durango, says Shaw. Her mistake is a common mistake for a start-up company that makes a product.

"I don’t understand, for any kind of clothes.

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