What are the name of the clothing store trick trick

What are the name of the clothing store trick trick

March 19, 2017 azwnolxx 0

the reason why we pay so much attention to the name of the shop is the hope that the store can take a good name, so that the store’s business has become better, earn more profits. In fact, if you want a clothing shop business is booming, is also very important to take a good name. Of course, if you take a "lucky" name, this is a secret. So, what are the name of the clothing store trick trick?

clothing shop name is a clothing store represent, a good clothing shop to attract consumers to buy clothing, clothing store to impress visitors, next to continue to patronize, and improve traffic clothing store, bring wealth to the clothing store. So how to open clothing store, clothing store to get a "good name lucky"? Here we talk about this issue in detail.

first of all we need to know what the name of the clothing store, "trick" secret!

clothing store named trick secret

avoid partial word. The brand name is for consumers to call, this should take into account the popularity of the word, but unfortunately there are some trademark characters in name on some very serious problems. If you use some clothing name words relatively uncommon, such names don’t say the general farmers, the public does not know, even the teachers in college is not known. The name of this clothing is very difficult to let everyone remember, it is very difficult to attract customers.

clothing store named trick tips two

clothing store named, to let you know what your store is selling. Don’t take some strange names, make consumers rather baffling, you do not know what to do.

clothing store named trick tips three

do not use the word kyrgyzstan. Is a clothing shop named meaning auspicious taboo. Because it not only makes the name of the owner of bad associations, but more importantly, it will affect others to accept your clothing store.


said that the clothing store to get a suitable name can have a lot of ways, but if you want to finance, in fact, grasp the above three secrets is enough to meet the needs of more shopkeepers. In short, if you want to successfully open a profitable clothing store, the above three names may wish to master oh.

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