What business is better to do business in rural areas

What business is better to do business in rural areas

March 19, 2017 tazhawsu 0

business is a very common phenomenon, in many people’s eyes, entrepreneurship is the ability of city people have, in fact in the countryside can also venture, now the rural areas had not once in the TV series to see as abjection poor, following the countryside or suburb rural small is also full of a lot of business opportunities, the following we’ll see what we can do shop business project in rural areas.

farmhouse / farmhouse

first farmhouse appearance to look good what, suggested to build buildings made of wood, bamboo and wood building seismic, beautiful and practical, the investment is not high, the construction can be used directly, without the need for re decoration. But bamboo architecture is very suitable for urban people to pursue pastoral garden, ecological and natural feeling. Highlights of the bamboo building is very good, very suitable for the construction of leisure places.

also now tourists should be more critical of health, wash what to complete, do not let people take a bath, go to the bathroom is not convenient for guests. The rest is clean will attract people! For the get our country 57-60 that time to eat on the line to remember also have ten characteristics such as small fish, tiebingzi!

sewing shop

with the rapid development of rural economy, gradually improve the living standards of farmers, new farmers demand in respect of production and life has increased, which provides for the establishment of a sewing shop, farm machinery rental shop residential design shop, motorcycle repair shop in the broad market space.

at present, the development of rural clothing market is not very active, many farmers still choose to do most of the clothing, and even the winter down jacket are also customized. Therefore, in the rural home sewing shop open for farmers tailored or do some sewing work, business must be good.

farm machinery rental store

purchase of agricultural machinery and related equipment, for one, large investment, short service time. If you open a farm rental shops in rural areas, farmers can meet the production requirements, but also can reduce the production cost of farmers, the market must be optimistic about the future.

residential design shop

With the improvement of living standards of farmers, farmers began to pay attention to improve the living conditions and environment

. If you open a civil residential design shop, from the design to the building are responsible, the market prospects will be very good.

motorcycle repair shop

If the

in the rural areas, you can choose the business scope is many, it is definitely worth your choice of the industry, as one of the rural motorcycle large commodity recommendation

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