Urumqi agricultural Chong Chong a busy college students to prepare for employment

Urumqi agricultural Chong Chong a busy college students to prepare for employment

March 18, 2017 nfyactcp 0

although everyone’s education level has been greatly improved, but the employment of college students has become a big problem! In the slack season, is located in the Urumqi County Agricultural Shuixigou Town Park hit off a busy, from Xinjiang Agricultural University, Tarim University and other colleges and universities students in creating learning garden, planting management technology, for future business and employment to prepare early, so that they have the ability to make the society to their task, their contribution a modest.

this is the information management system, referred to as the Internet of things, you can see the distribution of the entire area in detail." In Urumqi County of Shuixigou town agricultural hit off the park, 22 year old Xinjiang Agricultural University student He Xinqi was skilled in the operation of the monitoring system of intelligent greenhouse, crop growth indexes are constantly monitoring: "through this system can be the most intelligent plant, reducing the labor intensity, he can adjust the morning night and noon all the data, if there is what difference can be regulated."

covers an area of more than 2 thousand square meters garden planting were hit off with all kinds of vegetables, fruits, flowers and other 100 varieties, where new day is mainly responsible for various crops such as pruning, fertilization, also follow the science and Technology Park senior agronomist learning cultivation technology, just 20 days, let his achievements: "this facility agriculture is the agricultural innovation project is advanced, the technology is advanced, the production efficiency is greatly improved, compared with the traditional agriculture in the future, I will consider working in this area, this technology will improve, their entrepreneurial projects in agriculture."

at present, a passenger in the garden there are a total of 8 college students from Xinjiang, from the classroom learning theory to the actual operation, so that they apply, Tarim University horticulture senior Wang Xuejun said: "we found that the professional development potential, after the real operation, a more profound understanding, but also more interested. To do so, serve the grassroots, make agricultural production more scientific."

Urumqi agricultural park a busy school, college students to prepare for employment, it is a very necessary thing! Founded in 2000, Urumqi County Agricultural Park has become a hit off of college students, agricultural cooperatives, rich hotshot training base, as of now, has trained more than 100 college students’ employment and entrepreneurship, and go on the road to riches agricultural park official, Xiang Ping Wu said: "students who have entrepreneurial aspirations will give priority to us here in the future, we give him some entrepreneurial training, provide more help for them after graduation entrepreneurship."

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