Store design also need to consider the rest of the customer

Store design also need to consider the rest of the customer

March 18, 2017 upgypqbj 0

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shop owners are aware of the importance of store design, but often only to take into account the placement of goods, but did not really trigger from the customer’s point of view. In fact, some retail customers shop is very spacious, to give people the feeling is what seems to be lacking. Why don’t we make use of the space to make an article?

if you come into my shop, you might feel like I’m not here. You will find that I have a desk, a few newspapers, a few chairs and a set of drinking water. Maybe some colleagues would feel that these things not to regard it as right, affect the overall coordination, in the place where the customer is to make an unnecessary move purely, and the purchase of goods, are in a hurry, hurry to go, who has time to rest in you chat?

I admit that there are indeed some customers with a clear purpose of the shopping, they come to buy, buy on the go. However, there are also some customers want to buy things to take a break, I offer them a place to rest is very necessary, anyway, that place is also a waste of waste.

there’s one thing I’m feeling. Last month, we the old people had birthday, several of his son-in-law to buy something in the past for his birthday. Because several son-in-law not living together, they said in a local collection, then buy birthday things together. On a hot day, standing outside is very uncomfortable, so the first to find me here.

he chatted with me, while using the phone to contact several other, tell them where they are. After waiting for nearly two hours, several people finally got together. As required for the birthday party on goods, here they together for an hour, and finally agreed that the birthday drinks and gifts to buy from me. This is a large list of nearly a thousand dollars, ah, I do not necessarily hit a month back.

although there are a lot of customers do come and go, but it does not mean that every customer is so, if you can consider these customers, will naturally be affirmed by customers. Now, many customers are aware of the rest of my shop to provide a place, the goods are complete, are willing to go to my store to buy things.

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