Shenzhen Business Plaza to meet the wave of innovation

Shenzhen Business Plaza to meet the wave of innovation

March 18, 2017 upgypqbj 0

talked about technological innovation resources, to the number of Zhongguancun North Street, South is Shenzhen science and technology park. Many of the leading technology companies and venture service organizations stationed in Shenzhen, Shenzhen, after decades of development to help the SAR in the new wave of innovation in the new business opportunities.

"North Zhongguancun Venture Street, south of Shenzhen Bay business square". Located in the east of Silicon Valley, Shenzhen Bay venture Plaza, as the chief innovation of South China entrepreneurial ecology, has become a business card Shenzhen innovation". Here is the world’s leading innovation and entrepreneurship services gathering area, has introduced a large number of world-class entrepreneurial service agencies, focusing on creating a global intelligent hardware innovation center and cutting-edge technology innovation base.

large coffee come in a throng of innovation and Entrepreneurship

entered as "double week" the Shenzhen branch of Shenzhen Bay Business Square, I saw a "large billboards and signs of innovation and entrepreneurship" can be seen everywhere. The "double week" Shenzhen venue ceremony, exhibition of achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs and investment institutions, creating space contact activities and forums have here staged passion.

"JD+ Jingdong is the Jingdong of intelligent hardware incubator brand, it is the Internet innovation platform set business incubator, Internet financial support, Internet business support in one of the channels, while helping the innovation team, the upstream supply chain, technology service enterprises, service enterprises docking industry content resources.

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