To create the ability to create intellectual property rights in Fuzhou has 8357 patents

To create the ability to create intellectual property rights in Fuzhou has 8357 patents

March 17, 2017 odsgvvpg 0

from the textbook we reach the king of the invention of Edison, although it is the envy of many people still can’t do it, but if a city general mobilization of patent development, make the effect is different! Yesterday, by the State Intellectual Property Office hosted, the Municipal Intellectual Property Bureau of national patent technology (Fujian) exhibition and trade center with the city of national intellectual property pilot training classes in Fuzhou, the intellectual property system throughout the country and the relevant person in charge of the pilot city of nearly 150 people attended the training work of contact.

reporter learned from the meeting, in recent years, Fuzhou city intellectual property creation capacity has increased significantly, as of August, the city’s possession of a valid patent 8357, ranking first in the province, every million people in possession of a valid patent 11.82.

to create the ability to create intellectual property rights, Fuzhou has 8357 patents, which is a very worthy of recognition for the achievements of Fuzhou. It is understood that in recent years the use of intellectual property in Fuzhou enhance the effect, as of September, the city’s total of 55 enterprises to obtain the patent pledge loan of 897 million 669 thousand and 400 yuan; the city completed a total of 192 enterprises, 1366 patents covering the city; cultivation demonstration enterprises, pilot intellectual property advantage enterprises at all levels of 374, including 35 national, provincial 130, municipal 209; the city’s total gain China patent award 12, won the Fujian Province patent award 54, approved the implementation of the patent technology in Fujian province and industrialization project 64.

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