What should we pay attention to the restaurant

What should we pay attention to the restaurant

March 17, 2017 tbdwgekl 0

although said to open franchise stores, in the current has become a very common thing, however, it is precisely because of the investment of such a cause of many people, therefore, there are more attention to our attention. So, open the pot to join the food store to pay attention to what? Let Xiaobian to analyze your time.

baozaifan stores, to see the enterprise scale and internal office environment, service level, these details can be seen from the standard level of enterprise, whether there is a technical and practical ability to camp is only sold, the kind of technology.

pot rice restaurant location is very important, very important decoration, supply is very important, more important food safety. Not only to sell their own food, but also to win the reputation of customers, to attract more repeat customers, so that it will not become a " a one-time sale of ".

for the pot shop owner, the store can not be too small, so too stingy, the store can not be too large, after all, there is still a certain resistance to investment. If we choose the appropriate small shop, then the reasonable decoration, you can officially run.

cooking pot shop decoration. Different location and different area will influence the total cost, average is calculated according to the price per square meter, if in accordance with the high low-end to distinguish, high-end price per square meter is about 2000 above, in the end price of less than 1000 1000-2000, even low-end, high low-end is not important, important is whether the project itself.

different investors, the point of interest may vary, in short, if you want to run a successful baozaifan stores, these small series are the natural need to focus on it, so that it can make investors business bigger and stronger, bigger, create greater success.

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