How to develop the self redemption of traditional tea shop

How to develop the self redemption of traditional tea shop

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tea has always been very important Chinese a drink, also has a very high popularity in each household. However, since the launch of the "Official business expenses ban", higher margin high-end gift tea sales plummeted. With the rise in housing rents and labor costs, the daily sales of drinking tea is also more and more limited, not enough to support the survival and development of a tea shop. In today’s society, young people gradually become the main force of consumption. But the pursuit of fresh, advocating individuality of young people do not have the habit of drinking tea, traditional tea chain is difficult to attract them. Consumer groups have become a major concern of fault development of tea chain.

is more important, the daily drinking tea customers often need to communicate through the interpersonal boil trust, want to pull a stranger to try to drink, and then it is not easy to develop into customers.

how do traditional tea shops redeem themselves? One word — "change"!

Where does

change? In what direction? Based on two levels to consider: first, how to make more groups of customers to tea shop consumption; two is how to make the store customers to achieve more consumption. Its essence is: how to attract customers through more related products, especially after 80, 90 young customers to shop consumption, so that customers have more desire to buy at the same time, have more choice to buy.

fashion tea, tea food, tea not only can attract a higher gross margin, young consumer groups. And the tea way of contact with the consumer, to try to drink much easier than to convince customers to the store. "Tea tea tea + + emerged" mode.

2012 in December, Starbucks acquired the tea chain Teavana, and the original store upgrade, launched in which tea, tea as well as provide healthy snacks.

before Starbucks, Taiwan tea chain Tianren tea as early as 2000 began the attempt. In 2000, the establishment of "ten Ren chafortea" chain, into the young, leisure elements, tea tea, tea, diet, food and beverage products in the shop are all day with Ren’s tea quality tea flavor. According to Tian Ren group’s official website, Taiwan currently has 11 "chafortea" stores, which has branches in Losangeles, Sydney, licensed to Sugakico group in Japan to open up the market in Tokyo.

, has also appeared in such a model, such as "iTealife fuhaitang", "rice tea house". "ITealife fuhaitang" drinking shop with "chafortea", all the tea shop is using its own raw materials. Consumers can buy tea and tea brewing site, store boutique tea, tea food, tea, you can also choose to sweep the two-dimensional code shopping delivery.

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