Survey of College Students’ Entrepreneurship

Survey of College Students’ Entrepreneurship

March 15, 2017 eokpgjcq 0

80, the generation of 90 college students are growing up in the Internet environment, which makes them in the business will be more inclined to use the network to carry out e-commerce marketing, let more people have a go in the business world.

data show that in 2015, Heilongjiang Province independent college graduates entrepreneurship rate more than the same period last year by 0.37 percentage points. Among them, the model of network entrepreneurship has become the mainstream of college students on the basis of the accumulation and evolution model, dependent entrepreneurial model, knowledge conversion model and other traditional entrepreneurial models.

in college students as the main body of the entrepreneurial team, as long as there is a good idea to immediately become a fashion anchor.

the establishment of the campus network will be sent to the electricity supplier Sundry Goods students dormitory bed; campus library network for students in the shortest time to get the price of online shopping books; Internet plus traditional seal…… The day before, the reporter came to Harbin City Branch Service Huizhong a space ", feel the students to join the Internet plus era, to innovative entrepreneurial enthusiasm here, the Internet is open to start a new blue ocean for college students".

3 minutes to send goods to the bedroom

"now school house are quite quite lazy, our campus network department is for this pain point, delivery to the" bedside "." Sophomore Wang Guolin Spanish Language Department of Heilongjiang College of foreign students told reporters that now are accustomed to online shopping, but the current online shopping delivery time, instant is not enough. They have to do is the WeChat campus online mall based on the storage location is located in the campus dormitory building, students will leave after the order from the dormitory, until the detailed address, number of beds in dormitory no.. Stationed in the storage location of online mall employees after the order is 3 to 15 minutes to delivery of goods to the students of the "single bed".


price distribution

Book Public number month sales over a million

"our campus library public number Greenbook in September 6th last year, WeChat officially launched in a week, sales exceeded 10 thousand yuan. Up to now, the total sales revenue has exceeded 100 thousand yuan." Northeast Forestry University Junior Wang Chao told reporters that the reason for choosing this angle of the campus library business, mainly to the purchase of university life inconvenience deep feeling.

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