Li Xiang began his third venture

Li Xiang began his third venture

March 15, 2017 tazhawsu 0

once, has two times the business Li Xiang is considered the first person to 80 business, now the restless entrepreneurs began his third venture. Witnessing this proverb is life, entrepreneurship is more than the.

10 13 June 2007, founder of the family car, former president Li Xiang today in micro-blog for his third venture to recruit talent, the first two entrepreneurs were founded and car home, this is Li Xiang from the home of the president of the car after leaving the first public own whereabouts.

it is reported that Li Xiang also participated in the investment Wei to cars, in addition to Li Xiang, investors include BITAUTO Jingdong Group Chairman Li Bin, founder and CEO Liu Qiangdong, Tencent, Hillhouse capital, Sequoia Capital and pleasure.

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