How to operate the off season dry cleaners

How to operate the off season dry cleaners

March 15, 2017 jkdxfsgi 0

although the development of the economy, as well as changes in people’s consumption concept, resulting in the demand for the entire dry cleaning market is growing. However, many people know that laundry is a cool industry, due to the effect of dressing characteristics of the summer people, the dry cleaners to the volume of business in summer is relatively low, so in the face of the summer business season, summer dry cleaners, how to deal with?

a, professional training

dry cleaning industry is a service industry, the dry cleaning industry has changed from a low technology content, strong labor intensity of the traditional industry into the store image fashion, advanced equipment, laundry new model. However, in the wake of the booming development of the washing industry is the lack of professional laundry personnel, the overall lack of professional knowledge of the washing, washing operating costs are too high, washing disputes, etc..

washing industry is currently exposed to these problems in the operation is actually contrary to the trend of social and economic development. The progress and development of any industry can not be separated from the exchange of industry, technology and innovation. Laundry business off-season, laundry business volume is not large, it is the best time for dry cleaning technology training, dry cleaners can increase the amount of technical training, improve the technical level of staff, to prepare for the coming season.

two, off-season laundry promotion

for the operating experience of the old who, in the off-season should launch some new laundry service, such as seasonal washing curtains, leather goods, garment dyeing, renovation of professional nursing home cleaning cloth leather sofa etc.. Timely introduction of a number of new projects can be used to store old customers often have a fresh feeling of consumption. Dry cleaners newly opened the most commonly used method is the off-season promotion preferential recharge, the main purpose of this promotion is to quickly return the funds, but must control the amount of concessions, some lack of experience in the laundry will often backfire.

three, control the cost of dry cleaners

operating in the summer dry cleaners should pay more attention to cost control, because the cost and profit is inversely proportional to the relationship, only the effective cost control of the dry cleaners can improve profits, maximize the benefits. Especially in the off-season, to develop energy-saving awareness. Clothing as far as possible to focus on ironing, and the implementation of each employee. In the summer of the operating process, through effective cost control, can improve the overall efficiency of dry cleaners, but also a business strategy.

four, diversified business model

summer clothing features are generally relatively thin, so dry cleaners should be through a wide range of business models to broaden their scope of business, to open up new profit points, such as luxury care, skin

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