Concealer which brand is good

Concealer which brand is good

March 15, 2017 lxmvtvgg 0

even with a good foundation, in the years of erosion, want to perfect skin has become a very difficult thing. However, it is not enough to have enough time to rely solely on liquid foundation skin, more prominent defects need to rely on Concealer products to cover the two times, then Concealer which brand is good? Following along with the small series to know it.

Concealer which brand is good? 1 full cover amore all-weather double color moisturizing Concealer

recommended reason: This is a lot of people like to use a concealer, whether it is to cover the intensity or degree of moisture is relatively good, and is a state of the two flat. You can see from the test color, paste with some OilFeel, suitable for dry skin. However, the stability of the skin is not strong, so the use of this time must be very careful makeup.

Concealer which brand is good? 2.IPSA whitening moisturising Concealer Concealer

three zero

recommended reason: This Concealer Concealer sector is relatively well-known, is relatively dry, dumb light, feels like velvet texture. Can be carried out according to their color palette and demand. This is more suitable for covering the face of the message, because the brush is very precise and small, plus three colors mixed at random, it should be said to be more versatile.

Concealer which brand is good? 3.DIOR instant Concealer stick

skin effect

recommended reason: This Concealer stick advantage lies in the middle of the "sandwich" containing similar silicon components can be filled with fine pores or prevent Concealer paste card lines and mottled, wrapped in a layer of Concealer then go with the flow shop in the skin, greatly reduce the phenomenon of powder and mottled card. Durability is very good, but a little reluctantly zhegaili.

Concealer which brand is good? 4.L· A· Girl Losangeles girl professional Concealer

recommended reason: This is a special correction of the skin concealer, orange version of the black eye for the pan green, green for red skin to debug. Like "red, red nose plateau" can be used to debug, the liquid foundation before applying open shot is then covered with liquid foundation, basic color will be adjusted very perfect. Can also be mixed with concealer to cover concealer, suitable for skin color is more serious situation.

Concealer which brand is good? 5 Shiseido soft pen #101

recommended reason: This is a combination of light and concealer, as a bright makeup feeling is very delicate, as Concealer can cover some flaws

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