The Olympic Games make business more popular

The Olympic Games make business more popular

March 15, 2017 odsgvvpg 0

although the Olympic Games have ended, but during the Olympic Games, the major stores have almost a rise in business. Therefore, for the shop, if you can ride the Olympic Games, no doubt can make business more popular. Speaking of the Olympic Games obsession, my husband can be regarded as a hardcore audience, he looked at the event, I can not see other TV programs, I will be accompanied by the fans watching the game. It is also accompanied him to watch the Olympic Games, I realized the Olympic Games to bring business opportunities for our operators, because the audience watching the Olympic Games, can not do without cigarettes, beer and leisure food.

2012 thirtieth years of the opening ceremony of the London Olympics opening day, more than 3 points on the morning of July 28th, the husband to watch TV live up to 3 points, he up I can’t sleep well, simply put, the door open for business. The TV is broadcast the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, when the shop door stopped a car, four men out of the car into the shop door to the TV, one said, the boss of me, bring us a box of beer, then get 2 packets of cigarettes ten mark big sausage, four packets of peanuts, I have to sit down for a while at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games can be?

‘s husband said, "well, now that the athletes are still in the air, it’s wonderful. Sit down and watch.". So, the few customers sitting around on my table, drinking beer, eating sausage, peanuts, watching the opening ceremony live. It turned out that these customers are from Hebei to work in Mohe County, sitting in the car on the radio to listen to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games live, come here to see the door open, came in to watch the live tv.

the opening ceremony live for nearly four hours, and these customers to watch the game Lianhu fun, a box of beer not imperceptibly, sausage and peanuts also eat not, before leaving Yuxi, and bought six boxes of ten bottles of Wahaha in the store. With a consumption of 300 yuan, is my usual day turnover of 1/2.

flash time over the past 4 years, the thirty-first Olympic Games in 2016 August 6th held in Brazil, Rio, we all look forward to watch the Olympic Games exciting events in front of the TV, my husband and I agreed to, these days there are volleyball, soccer, table tennis TV when night closed shop, edge watch the game while operating, prepared an ample supply of iron hall beer and leisure food.

at the same time, I also put the schedule of the Olympic Games broadcast live on the red paper with a brush pen, posted on the door to attract customers eyes, to attract customers, increase store revenue purposes. These days due to the extension of the opening hours of the night, cigarettes, beer, beverages and other sales increased significantly. This is: the Olympic Games, business will be hot!

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Olympic Games is a special holiday, if you can take a good bus, which will be for the store

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