Credit business why so good

Credit business why so good

March 15, 2017 ubkfoqkq 0

people say their shops are not at all. At the same time, there is the business of the shop is really got hot development, this is the management of the store is different, and this difference often depends on the actual operating shops. And when it comes to the business of the shop, the credibility of the firm can be a representative. Credit business is located in Shandong City, East Road, Heze. The main sales of high-grade tobacco and non-staple food. Is a tobacco non-staple food store house road on the little known.

owner Hao Hongfang said: "I am from 1997 began to open shop, in the Palace Road and road intersection, the dressing room is not large, the 2002 sales demolition, just moved to this place now, although the store address has changed, but the old customers did not reduce. On the contrary, also led to the surrounding residents to my store to buy things, because the credibility of good, I also established a long-term supply and some units."

"reputation business" business has been very prosperous, not just its name, but also in the management of the owner has done a veritable. In all commodities, cigarette sales accounted for a large proportion. Why is it so good? Hao boss said one of the reasons:

is the most important thing is to speak politely, integrity management, reasonable price, no hurtful deceit. Determined not to sell fake and shoddy goods, never because of a commodity tight and artificially high price. Take a cigarette, each cigarette brands are clearly marked, each into a new brand, never allowed to raise prices in the consumer does not know the price, high price to earn a ”. Whether it is a stranger, or acquaintances; whether locals or foreigners, I have done equally, warm service. At the same time, on the basis of the original commodity prices, to carry out a small gift gift shopping activities.

secondly, but also to complete the brand, a reasonable inventory structure of cigarettes, the brand with the right. Sales form to diversify, to provide door-to-door service, and actively cultivate new brands of cigarettes, cigarette display. The store should be clean and tidy, improve the image of cigarette display. It is very important to display the cigarette, cigarette varieties according to the grade and origin place, make consumers produce find everything fresh and new feeling, let the customer to buy a cigarette brand their love, but also increase the customer’s desire to buy.

Hao boss also said that the number of cigarette sales increase, and also inseparable from the efforts of tobacco companies, in the smoke tight tight supply situation, the tobacco companies staff in a timely manner to guide her OTC alternative brand, not only enrich the tobacco varieties, also attracted a large number of consumers.

there is no shop business will be unpopular for no reason, after all, the competition is so fierce in the market now. After ten years of careful management, has always maintained in good faith the principle of hospitality, Hao boss of the shop by an unassuming shop.

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