Alternative pet derivative business opportunities

Alternative pet derivative business opportunities

March 15, 2017 lxmvtvgg 0

pets become an opportunity to get rich, which is very common in the current era, the number of operators is also increasing. However, in addition to traditional pets, alternative pets began to enter the vision of a lot of people, it also derived a wealth of opportunities to help more investors to achieve the goal of getting rich.

friends, a man suddenly took out a green Thailand Physignathus, on the head show up, scared some girls screamed; office, a "small white-collar" all eyes staring at the transparent glass bottle on the desk, because there are ants holes……

in fact, this scene is becoming more and more common around us. In addition to leading lizards, ants, spiders, including green snake, mice, pigs and even steal oil po". In the offbeat pet shop, their names are called: hamster, pig, American cockroach. These small animals that make ordinary people feel creepy, are now becoming some of the personality and enjoy the appreciation of alternative pets. At the same time, also created a new business opportunities.

Yuzhong District People’s Park in the depths of the alley, Miss Shi and her partners are from the alternative to the pet to start this alternative business.

more than a year ago, Miss Shi was an offbeat pet lover and breeders, she is the trustee from the field back to a length of about 1 meters of the small green snake, when friends, take out of play, or frighten others, each time the results can stimulate the interest of everyone.

and others often ask her where to buy, there are friends often play while asked curiously, want to also have a green snake, out at any time to show off a. This allows Miss Shi sprouted the idea of doing alternative pet business. Last year, she and her friends in the people’s Park under the disc of a pet shop, began to engage in alternative pet business.

Miss Shi said, advocating modern fashion and individuality, the pursuit of love fresh and exciting, dogs and cats are rare, only like spiders, scorpions, breeding lizards, pythons, hamsters and other mysterious animal, in order to cater to the psychology of their. Moreover, the current market in Chongqing, the sale of this kind of alternative pet shop is not much, if you can find the price is not expensive, not demanding on the breeding conditions of alternative pets, we will be able to get their own market in Chongqing.

offbeat pet shop opened, it confirms the Miss Shi prior to the judgment of the market, some of the young people of offbeat pets in droves, sales situation is excellent (Figure). But she did not expect that some older people are not as interested in these alternative pets.

Miss Shi Shi

recalls that there is an old lady in Qijiang has purchased five in this store >

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