2012 the latest features dining list

2012 the latest features dining list

March 15, 2017 sdikdwvy 0

2012 just after the lunar new year, the saying goes: a year in the spring. Many entrepreneurs are in the hope that at the beginning of the new year is a special food franchise realize the ambition, good entrepreneurial path. So what are the 2012 new features of food and beverage? Now along with the small series together into the latest features of 2012 food and beverage to join the list.


NO.8: Sichuan God Bang Bang chicken http://s.shang360.com/item/36505/

Sichuan God Bang Bang chicken catering to join is according to the actual situation of southeast northwest four, independent development and production base for pollution-free animal products, farm chickens by feeding stocking form. We always insist on the use of "best quality chicken" as raw material products, all purchased chicken in the factory when going through the examination of unripe chicken quality inspectors strict inspection system, in accordance with the standards of the can into the factory.

Sichuan God Bang Bang chicken restaurant features dishes rich variety, taste delicious, nutritious and delicious and environmental health, a listing will quickly become a consumer favorite delicacy loving crowd. At the same time, familiar with the seasons Kawakami Bang Bang chicken diet, to provide consumers with the season is most conducive to healthy diet collocation, combined with modern nutrition consumption, eliminating the division of traditional diet in the season, with professional customer heart firmly locked, allowing the operator to make four stop.


NO.7: blame 3 juice http://s.shang360.com/item/16063/

Taiwan food and beverage brand strange 3 juice, has always been committed to the convenience, taste, health, fashion into the field of fast food, advocacy of international quality services, to build the Chinese fast food brand leader. Blame 3 juice snacks to develop its market share in the mainland, the domestic fast food industry into the most dynamic fresh blood.

The biggest advantage of 3 juice

strange food stalls business is small investment, big profits, only 3 – 5m2, 1 – 2 people can be decent opened for business, business effect than ordinary stores in the downtown area also alarming, shop stalls than ordinary high profit 40% stores!

gives you a wealth opportunity, a let you make a profit opportunity, blame 3 juice snack join, do not worry about money! If you have a shop, just a strange 3 juice automatic delicacy car, your shop can suddenly become strange 3 juice delicacy stalls, to the car shop, a street, a good business area!


NO.6: Mom Township dish   http://s.shang360.com/item/4978/

What does

mean? Is the high-grade Malatang, it is not only convenient and fast, and rich dishes, cheap and affordable. Spicy and the biggest difference is: take >

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