Free clothes can make a lot of money

Free clothes can make a lot of money

March 15, 2017 upgypqbj 0

free to send clothes, and even can make money, does not feel unbelievable? But this is the real case, the following, let Xiaobian with everyone together to understand, to see why the free clothes can make big money.

a friend who is now a free items of clothing, the operation of the project this year a few months, earn hundreds of thousands, but the supply is out of the question, because he is always out of stock, need enough cheap clothes to make money.

In fact, around

, there are many such people, love is cheap, if it is free, basically think the fall is a disadvantage, the friend is the use of grass root this cheap psychology, help him forward to WeChat for free, you can receive a free piece of clothing, but the clothes you need 25 pieces of postage the next day, send SF arrival!

many people wonder, why did he send clothes, but also to make money, this trick in postage, Shunfeng many people think more than and 20, is a very normal range, because you go, SF freight to be more than and 20! In fact, the general sign passes, six or seven money can fix, if other courier, so every day, a large amount of two or three dollars can do!

clothes purchase price $eight, postage six yuan, send out a thing, he can earn eleven dollars!

viral marketing is that you have to take his clothes, must put forwarded his product copy and link to your circle of friends, so to help him free advertising, slowly, attracted more and more people will! A lot of people forward, then he found WeChat, but also a lot of postage, give up, give up this or most, but never mind, these people to help him play an advocacy role, but not accurate customer, no influence on him, forwarded more, there are always some people will pay, some ask, what time is the next event, this talent is precise fans!

to a certain degree, he began to recruit agents, each piece of clothing to commission five, although earn less, sales volume is more and more big, in the course of contacts, this year several months, earned hundreds of thousands.

in the current situation of the complex industry, as long as we can have the idea that money is actually a matter of minutes. Free to send clothes still can earn a lot of money, listening to is not that unbelievable? But this is a fact!

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