Decorative hardware store market research how to carry out

Decorative hardware store market research how to carry out

March 15, 2017 bzdhfkjy 0

decorative hardware store market research how to carry out? I believe many people is no stranger to the decorative hardware store in the industry, with the development prospects of decorative building materials industry in China continues to expand, more and more young people began to pay attention to the decoration of hardware products, product performance, quality and effect, the strength of the brand, more and more attention of entrepreneurs and formal hardware store investment, want to know the reason of decorative hardware store market survey method.

1, decorative hardware market environment survey: industry environment, economic environment, social and cultural environment, decorative hardware market environment,

2, the basic situation of the market survey: the size of the market, the overall market demand, market trends, the market share of the same industry units;

3, sales are expected to survey the existing and potential purchasing power and the number of demand, the demand of the market trend, the enterprise and the competitor’s products in share and expand the sales possibility and concrete ways;

4, consumer and consumer behavior survey: consumers’ physiological characteristics, psychological status, purchase motivation, purchase habits, purchase preferences, etc.;

5, investigation of product: product all kinds of information — the customer comments and demand, what kind of state in the life cycle of products, product packaging is exquisite, portable, safe and convenient transportation, the brand of the product is easy to memory, full of fun and easy to Lenovo products; the service attitude and service mode is appropriate;

want to open a shop, no matter what the shop, a good business to do not only understand the investment project to know more about the market environment, the operation of the industry, sales and consumer surveys, etc.. And this is exactly what we have learned in the details. Decorative hardware store market research how to carry out? I hope you want to do poineering work in this industry must bear in mind.

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