How to join Johnnie steak

How to join Johnnie steak

March 15, 2017 gtfgzpay 0

There are a lot of business model

catering industry, as long as each have their own business for that one, what kind of business model is not a problem, take the steak, in order to meet the public demand for steak, steak buffet is a very good business model. Johnnie is a big steak buffet buffet industry brand, mainly engaged in self-help steak, pizza, Western-style food delicacy and so on, since its inception, to quality products and services by the trust of consumers, is a good brand is worth joining.

Johnnie steak buffet conditions

1, a team or individual with independent civil liability.

2, re contract, Shou credibility, can actively maintain the company’s brand, trademark and other intangible assets.

3, with Johnnie buffet steak shop normal operation of the funds needed.

4, have independent shops, complete the relevant license.

5, do not engage in illegal or corrupt social activities.

6, with good business reputation and ability to communicate and lead.

7, with a good sense of modern business and management capabilities, with the company’s business philosophy and corporate culture, and obey the unified management of the company.

Johnnie steak join process

1, investment consulting

phone, QQ, e-mail and other ways to consult in detail the situation of Johnnie buffet steak project, whether for their own and local market consumption.

2, field trips

by my brand investment department for the relevant personnel to join the detailed introduction, direct store visits, etc., at the same time to introduce their own business, the two sides for interviews and mutual understanding and investigation.

3, join the application

to the headquarters of the Johnnie buffet steak request to join the application form, fill in the application or apply online.

4, officially signed

the two sides on a variety of details to join the exchange of communication, the case of non formal signing.

5, select store

signed a contract to join in the intention to find a suitable shop address, and from Johnnie

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