Business shop shop layout is the key

Business shop shop layout is the key

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No matter how luxury has a

location, regardless of the operating quality of the goods is very high, no matter how commodity prices are affordable, but if there is no shop layout. Such shops, how can we ensure that the business is hot? So, shop management, shop layout is the key!

business case: watch the Spring Festival is coming, the commercial street is the people to drive to, bustling, a thick "taste" is the whole street. But in the most prosperous area of Jinhua supermarket boss Yan Jinhua but died, watching people busy, but he is not upset here in a deserted house, strange things.

originally, Jinhua supermarket is the predecessor of the hotel, in order to catch up with the sales peak during the Spring Festival, Yan boss hurriedly no decoration on the shop business, ready to take advantage of this "awkward" make a good. But consumers do not buy this account, very few people to patronize his shop. To Yan boss’s shop, we can see that his store shelves only simple, there is also a lot of previous restaurant marks is very monotonous and lonely, no shop to engage in business atmosphere.

case analysis: Shop engage in business, the impression is the key. Especially in the peak of the sale, random purchase of many consumer groups, a warm and harmonious business atmosphere is to give consumers a good impression, thereby stimulating their desire to buy the premise. This business case Yan boss, can be said to be a typical case of failure, there are many retail customers do not pay attention to the shop, the layout of the environment, which also lost many sales opportunities.

will give consumers a good impression, first in the merchandise display, to give people a neat and orderly, with not too crowded; strict in demands, followed by health work must do well and get thoroughly, special attention should be paid to some of the dead, spotless stores, orderly commodity, to stimulate consumer desire to buy to a certain extent; in addition to the layout of the store is seasonal and consistent during the spring festival celebrations, such as to the main colors detailed and throughout the meantime, create a deep sense of taste".

counterparts have words: do not underestimate the shop image, from the customer to see your date to store the time away from the store so far is sufficient to show their own image. So, in this period of time to give customers a more profound impression. So, the decoration and the layout of the store must be lively, warm and pleasant; the store not only decoration should be simple, but also to do and in line with their own merchandise display; not only to be neat, but also to do the theme; not only to meet the layout rules, but also break the normal procedure memory.

– Huaian city in Jiangsu province and ten tea shop owner Wang introduced by detector nonlinearity


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