Moss market fire investment is at that time

Moss market fire investment is at that time

March 14, 2017 jkdxfsgi 0

in the end we will invest in what kind of business, the market has always been an important reference factor, only from the real point of view of the market, you can choose to be more suitable for investment opportunities. The moss market is now extremely hot, no doubt become the best choice for our investment.

moss loving home

spend three hundred or four hundred yuan per month to buy

a few years ago, a plump and adorable meaty plants became lovers heart good. The dragon lady "work in Chengdu for many years, the average meat" spend every month in the purchase of "meat" and professional breeding materials and the basin above the cost of three hundred or four hundred yuan, "no way," meat "grew round, looks cute, always can not help but want to buy!" In recent months, the dragon lady was a "favorite" – moss.

since many moss micro landscape, moss impression in the heart will completely subvert the dragon lady, "never thought, never laid eyes moss can become so beautiful decorations, and the price is so expensive, micro landscape a beautiful point of nearly 100 yuan." Last month, Ms. long and straight Biao bill 400 yuan, there is powu trend, and the expenses were invested in her "favorite" moss.

"You look at the

basin, green special hypertrophy, put a cat doll in the pot, really looks like a cat like sleeping in the pot, there is a sense of life too." Ms. long looked at the shop price of more than 160 yuan moss micro landscape, the mouse can not help but move silently to buy".

moss, however, is easy to buy, but difficult to live. Although moss in people’s impression is a weed strong, can grow in any dark wet corner corner, but actually it to light, air and humidity have strict requirements. Once the living conditions are not up to standard, seemingly grassroots moss will soon wither. As a result, Ms. long had to continue to buy a pot of moss moss landscape.

face of his wallet moss caused "slimming effect," Ms. long sigh, changes of moss status, is a true portrayal of the thirty years Hedong Hexi thirty years "," the impression, always see moss growth in those poor, wet places, they are worth it, no one can find them beautiful. When it rains, people will be far away from it, so as not to fall. Now, it’s worth double!"

office has a new Yaqu

exquisite good-looking also optional DIY

, green grass, coins, bracketplant cactus, commuters Joe Hui desk has a small garden, a variety of small plants in the heap spread all across in confusion.

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