Zigong how to promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation

Zigong how to promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation

March 14, 2017 upgypqbj 0

in the current public entrepreneurship, innovation "policy call, many places have launched a series of innovative activities. In the entrepreneurial innovation in the city of Zigong is not far behind, take relevant strategy actively, promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation, make the area have more outstanding enterprises in Zigong area, the measures taken, we know the specific.

(1) to build industrial park incubator. Expand the construction of the South Bank of science and technology incubator, in the original national incubator 24 thousand and 600 square meters hatch area, based on the expansion of the construction area of 15 thousand square meters hatch. In Yantan industrial zone built incubation area of 13 thousand square meters, formed a set of business counseling, development and innovation of business incubator for the integration of public record base. At present, the total number of enterprises in the 2 Industrial Park incubators is nearly 100, with a total of more than 74 households.

(2) to build university science park. The integration of University and local resources, the construction of University Science and Technology Park of Sichuan University of Science and Engineering, based on the talent accumulation of scientific and technological achievements and the science and technology enterprise incubator, take the "construction mode of three garden district", to attract domestic and foreign talents, scientific research institutes and enterprises to participate in, and strive to create a large provincial science and technology park. Has absorbed more than 100 innovative entrepreneurial talent settled.

(3) to create a public space in Zigong. In accordance with the "overall design scheme of the two center, the construction of the Zigong Salon" Zhejiang public record high. At present, more than 4 thousand square meters of space facilities renovation has been completed, the successful coaching Zigong Green new Mstar Technology Ltd and other 5 SME, years inside offline synchronization facilities fully completed; carry out business counseling, venture capital, angel technology the connection of service innovation and entrepreneurship, build industry innovation and entrepreneurial activity club and frontier center. Currently, the city built a total of 4 science and technology incubators, including: the national level of 1, the provincial level in the creation of the city, the city is under construction in the 2 of the 1.

through the above information we can see that in the process of innovation and entrepreneurship, Zigong has adopted a series of effective measures, mainly including three aspects: build the Industrial Park incubator, build university science and Technology Park, Zigong to build the public record space. I believe that in this series of initiatives, the future of Zigong’s economy will be accelerated development.

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