Lu’an city in 2015 to complete the undertaking of secured loans

Lu’an city in 2015 to complete the undertaking of secured loans

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Chinese entrepreneurs for the higher degree of recognition of entrepreneurial loans, willing to take the form of loans to increase the financial strength of entrepreneurship. In order to promote the management of construction, in 2015 Chinese issued a business loan amount reached a new high.

2015, six security business loans issued 764 million yuan, complete province issued the objectives and tasks of two hundred million yuan 382%, break a record, ranked second in the province, including an account payment of 580 million yuan, 184 million yuan of corporate loans.

through entrepreneurial loans policy support, the city’s total of 130 small labor-intensive enterprises and nearly 6000 entrepreneurs to benefit directly led to the nearly twenty thousand workers including laid-off workers to achieve the employment and re employment, and played an important role in promoting the city’s innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples.

in loans at the same time, we should also pay attention to the entrepreneur’s personal ability, low threshold does not mean that there is no threshold. It is also the responsibility of each issuing enterprise to start an undertaking to ensure the proper loan granting.

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