Tian Xiang Wo pie join fee

Tian Xiang Wo pie join fee

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a simple wheat, but able to dominate more than half of the catering market, because it is the protagonist of pasta in the restaurant, there is no what kind of pasta patterns can not play up. There is one kind of wheaten food in the north. How to make the pie to become one of the public health nutrition food, this is the day of a rural pie thinking. In order to better meet consumer tastes, let more people to eat healthy and nutritious pie, one day wo Xiang pie and constantly develop new products to meet the people’s taste, popular consumer favorite.

– a "Xiang Wo pie" chain store, is a long-term investment behavior, which is an investment in long-term or even life-long benefits, tangible, dangdang.

– according to the size of the area, a total investment of 50-100 million (the actual operating area of 200/600 square meters)

to 200 square meters as an example:

Rural Wo pie join fee Shandong area 98 thousand, other areas 128 thousand, decoration fee of 12 – 150 thousand, equipment costs about.

total investment of about 400 thousand; (excluding rent)

The investment will be recovered in the normal

about a year later, under normal circumstances the annual profit of 40-100 million, (different city, different sections of national average amount, how much profit) depends on the location and level of rent;

direct costs, different prices in different regions, gross margin is not the same, the corresponding gross margin was 50%-60%;

the net profit rate is generally 25-30%, different regions of the rent, wages are different, so the net profit is different, if it is

real estate, net profit margin of more than 40%.

– if the investment amounted to 800 thousand, if the location is good, less than a year to earn the same store, without considering the growth of static, variable third years for four of the same store, and so on, the fourth year variable for eight of the same store, fifth years is not expanding, according to each store annual profit of 800 thousand, compared to 8 million in tenth years, you have been sitting on hundreds of millions of wealth, there is no statistical compound growth part, see where is such a high return on investment projects, and almost no risk of what, because Chinese many Chinese food eaters,


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