The first Zhenjiang international low carbon technology products trade fair held successfully

The first Zhenjiang international low carbon technology products trade fair held successfully

March 14, 2017 qnbblzgg 0

low carbon technology to win people’s attention, it has been more widely used in the production, won the recognition of people, has been low carbon environmental protection products by people’s favorite. Recently held in Jiangsu, Zhenjiang, the first Zhenjiang international low carbon technology products trade show will be a lot of people’s attention.

Zhenjiang low fair is the first by the local government sponsored international low-carbon technology products trading show. The exhibition aims at "international influence, domestic first-class" goal. By organizing a low-carbon summit, forums, explore the path of low-carbon urban construction, enhance the ability of the government’s green governance, change the way people live a low-carbon lifestyle.

through the display and trading platform to build low carbon technologies and products, promote low-carbon technologies fall into, guide low carbon investment and cooperation projects, promoting the development of low carbon industry; through the organization of enterprise technology roadshow, carry out technical product docking, capital docking technology, low carbon product application; low carbon released through the results show the latest low-carbon technology innovation, promote low-carbon development mode.

as a national low-carbon city, national ecological demonstration area, the national industrial green transformation pilot city, Zhenjiang is committed to a new round of industrial revolution to grasp the new technological innovation brings the opportunity from the city and regional perspective, to explore the way for the development of low carbon economy. Based on the actual, look at the country, embrace a global perspective, Zhenjiang efforts to build a leading international low carbon development trend, highlighting the Chinese city low carbon development act, both gold and silver mines, more beautiful scenery demonstration city.

in order to be able to provide people with a green ecological environment, we need to form their own business advantages, in many cases, people will be concerned about the low-carbon life will bring convenience to people. The successful convening of the first Zhenjiang international low carbon technology trade fair will further promote the discussion of low-carbon technologies.

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