Small sellers how Taobao built a new

Small sellers how Taobao built a new

March 14, 2017 qwmzqibw 0

so-called small sellers, in many ways have been limited, if you want to shop success, naturally also face more difficulties. The ability to have the opportunity to recommend the small sellers must build a business shop, it is the first to register a company by the name of the company set up shop, Taobao enterprise stores currently flow tilt although not very obvious, but more or less in the C shop, Ali will also focus on the future support part to do good business the shop, even has the potential to create a separate platform for specialized support, such as called "chicken".

but then think, small sellers or forget it, the company needs to find out where the business office, inspection certificate, registered tax certificate, bank card account tax capital, accounting fees and so on, the ring down, do these things all the time and cost is relatively high the cost for small sellers, as a step ahead of the actual look, have the opportunity to have accumulated a company registered in the C store to store business is not late.

personal Taobao shop application is very simple, there is an identity card, press 1000 dollars to protect the gold, in accordance with the shop process step by step on it, the fast 1 days will be able to get. Do not have high security, 1000 is enough, but not too much, some experts say, much pressure can improve the flow margin of weight, don’t listen to him talk, and not what too much egg, flow difference is very small, much pressure when you want to take back can not be so easy.

After the

shop, basically these 1 months you have something to do, it is the decoration of the store and the product details page is busy enough for you. Focus on the following:

1, be sure to do a good job shop decoration

must have good: shop decoration is very important, whether it is the store or home page for details, that is your face and your clothes, you have to wear makeup and then go out to see people, whether it is clean or innocent girl colorful Cougar seductive woman, only if a certain person unwinding ordered beauty on the other hand, sumianchaotian like, yellow face, mess with the market store like, the user can go, there is no access to the depth, even stay may be more trouble cheap users. If you do not buy things in such a shop, you do not dare ah, trust is very important. People rely on clothes horse saddle, shop decoration, this must be done.

how do two ways, one is the Taobao on the market to buy ready-made suits you store style template, can be used to buy back, but in the layout of the top page layout and details page is need to adjust and perfect the best or a little PS based even simple Html code, can be at any time to adjust according to their own ideas. Advantages: save time and effort, can be used to layout; defect: continuous monthly template fee must be paid unless

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