Migrant workers return home to make the boss dream closer

Migrant workers return home to make the boss dream closer

March 14, 2017 nfyactcp 0

employees who don’t want to be boss are not good employees. Migrant workers also want to do one day to do their own boss. Migrant workers return home venture to make this desire to get a higher probability of success.

through effective assistance, to ensure the county more than 5600 migrant workers returning home not unemployment, not poverty, fast self employment or re employment, the employment situation remained stable. All of this is the problem of returning migrant workers in Le’an county "change from passive to active, vivid notes and strong confirmation becomes a burden for wealth" guiding ideology.

in zhaoxie Zhen Yao Fang Cun, an investment of 200 yuan of modern pig farms nestled in the depths. Rows of new houses, painted a beautiful picture of rural entrepreneurship. The pig farm owner called Zhang Meiping, 46 years old this year, is a native of the she people. He used pig feed formulation and technology learned when working in Fujian, rented in the village of 30 acres of barren hills and built a standard farms. The sows 60 bulls, pig herds of 300 bulls, considerable benefits. "Without the full support of the government, it will not be possible for my pig industry to grow so fast." He said passionately.

Rural credit cooperatives

Over the years when the mechanic

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