How to choose the right location from geomantic angle

How to choose the right location from geomantic angle

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it is well known that if you want to open the store to achieve success, first of all you need to choose a suitable store address. After all, good location, means the beginning of success, as the most important part of the people to set up shop, also did a lot of research, summed up a lot of valuable experience, but if from geomantic angle to talk about how you have to understand the location,? Here, Xiaobian take you together, starting from the perspective of Feng Shui, look at how to find your "Feng shui".

1, take downtown avoid remote

Town, where the flow is the most crowded place, according to feng shui theory, some people will be angry, the more angry the more people, the more angry the more prosperous business.

2, open to avoid narrow

Feng Shui in the choice of the house address, being in front of the open, accept eight party angry, this business and pay attention to attract visitors to the Quartet meeting. According to this principle, select the address of the shop, the shop front should also consider their requirements without any obstructions, such as walls, poles, billboards and large eyes and trees etc..

3, from south to northeast from

in the Feng Shui site selection, to block south, its purpose is to avoid the summer heat and winter cold. The choice of business address, also need to consider the sun and the wind. So, the best is still facing the south, take the south.

4, the store should be spacious

The door of the

store is the throat of the store, the channel for the customer to get in and out of the goods. How many store daily shuttle customers, determines the rise and fall of the store. Therefore, in order to enable the store to improve the reception of customers, the door should not be too small. The direction of the store is very cautious business things, often regarded as the key to the success of business.

5, the door to avoid the ominous thing

in terms of mental health and environmental hygiene, the door of the store should also be directed against buildings that are not auspicious. Feng Shui said not auspicious building, mainly refers to some kind of chimney, toilet, cowshed, stables, funeral homes, hospitals and other easy to make people feel uncomfortable psychological construction. These buildings, or black smoke, or stinking, or crying, or disease caused by Yin, not auspicious building Feng Shui as these air, xiongqi.

a lot of things, perhaps simply from a scientific point of view can not give an explanation, but we have to admit that in the shop location above, Feng Shui is indeed has its way. So if we want to be

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