Ya’an set up investment guidance funds to support entrepreneurship

Ya’an set up investment guidance funds to support entrepreneurship

March 14, 2017 tazhawsu 0

innovation and entrepreneurship can be a lot easier to get government support, and now, innovation and entrepreneurship is a national policy, entrepreneurial environment naturally good. Ya’an City, the establishment of investment funds, support innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples.

"measures" clear, municipal finance will arrange 10 million yuan in 2015 the establishment of Ya’an city based on the innovation of venture capital funds, after the annual budget of the integrated application technology research and development funds, employment subsidies, subsidies for college graduates, more than 7 million yuan of funds to support entrepreneurship, support public entrepreneurship, innovation.

the city of innovation of venture capital funds will be mainly used for cultivation of innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship carrier construction, innovation and entrepreneurship support management organization operation, patent application and patent grant funding, and local national and provincial capital requirements on project funded incubators and other facilities to promote the city’s public Entrepreneurship, innovation work related expenses.

to be identified as 500 thousand yuan in the construction of national and provincial grants incubator, was identified as 200 thousand yuan in the construction of municipal grants incubator; the "public record" business space "club" and innovation carrier, can give 200 thousand yuan subsidy funds.

on at the municipal level in the incubator hatching success and the registration of businesses in our city business sector, demonstration effect is obvious, given the incubator 10 thousand yuan subsidy per hatch 1 enterprises; for in different hatching success and registered businesses in our city business sector, the benefits are obvious, per hatch the success of 1 companies give incubator 10 thousand yuan subsidy.

of applications for invention patents, utility model patents, patent individuals and businesses, were given 3000 yuan, 1000 yuan, 400 yuan in funding; on patent and personal or business transformation benefits, may be given special support for 100 thousand yuan.



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