What are the hot pot store decoration techniques

What are the hot pot store decoration techniques

March 14, 2017 tazhawsu 0

Hot pot store decoration is a natural need to brand and products closely together, if the decoration properly, consumers look comfortable, get a better consumer experience in the store, the store profitability has a positive effect, otherwise it will affect the profitability of the store. So how should we do it? If you are not very clear then come to learn about it.

A, Hot pot store decoration style, not too luxurious, but it should be very good set of atmosphere. Because the design is too luxurious, the cost will be relatively high, and may give the impression that the customer is to come here to spend, the cost will be relatively high. Can be determined according to the scheme Hot pot store grades, if it is a general low consumption shop, then style as simple as possible, if the conference is mostly relatively wealthy clients, you can get a little more ornate style, can reflect the overall image of the store.

The design of

three, the table will generally choose the round, can sit 10 or so, the shape of the table and tone needs according to the design scheme of the early decision, different style can choose different colors. There was a light in the hall of the design is also very important, because people here are mainly in the main dining, so as to design the light warm color, which can enhance people’s appetite, so that customers feel comfortable eating here.

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