Taobao Taobao owners talk about brush drill

Taobao Taobao owners talk about brush drill

March 11, 2017 tbdwgekl 0

do Taobao guest for a year, in the past year, most of the time in the study of how to sell high commission goods, never considered the credibility of Taobao. As long as the money, we will give the promotion. Today, Taobao business ceased to its former glory, 100ip revenue exceeded 30, 50 days a short journey of life, now income far not so stable, and more and more people, the search engine and often bring a surprise drop right or K page. In my spare time, I like to study the search engine as Taobao, a long time, quite a bit of harvest, today I will talk about the problem of brush drill.

We use Baidu Search

or Google search, enter "Taobao" two characters can find out how old professional brush drill site (actually, to be honest, I really feel sorry for these sites, the "Taobao" such a highly competitive word do the first few pages, if the webmaster do Taobao it should be off, income is also very impressive), although these sites offer is not low, but still attracted many eyeballs manager. People are in the brush, why I do not brush?

brush drill is a kind of dishonest behavior, but some brush drill means that goods of poor quality shops? It was not, at least I feel, brush drill is nothing more than a quick owner behavior, no direct relationship with the store credit. So, even if we encounter in shopping after the shop brush reputation is, if the commodity price is high, still can safely buy, I guess there is no difference to what other stores and shopping.

in fact, Taobao’s shops are those who do not brush the level of drilling, as long as attention, it is easy to see. Here are some of my brush drill behavior:

A the most childish behavior of the brush drill – virtual brush drill, but this is not a real sense of the brush drill, mainly for virtual goods (such as low prices, fast growth of credit Q money); but now has for real and virtual goods acquired reputation was distinguished, Amoy friends you can easily identify.

B is more naive than the behavior of virtual goods – Set 1 yuan, 2 yuan or even a few angle goods, mad brush! This is doomed, officials can easily identify this behavior, pediatrics. At present, many of the seizure.

C peer – as long as you go to brush this shop transaction records at a glance, the same price set between the goods of each film, Taobao official crackdown, consumers pay attention to their own, to evaluate the credibility of the column to see on.


D is also the most despicable behavior, the behavior of the brush drill with high cost, need to invest a Jiwanshijiwan use (but in the end the actual expenditure less, just a flow of funds, funds) and adopting this kind of way of the brush drill is a large crown shop, why crown shop will brush – the reason is? Simple, are willing to improve their grades. "

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