To help the new ways of old business men and women reflexologist delivery

To help the new ways of old business men and women reflexologist delivery

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horn scraping board, foot stone, hammers, music, petals, fragrance lamp… Mood.according circle of friends Shuabing temptation, Xiao Bian also about a door to help the teacher, with 59 yuan to experience a 45 minute visit foot, the overall feeling of cheap, courteous service.

door to help the foot master door-to-door service have their own shoes, feet use disposable washing bag, in the whole process of service, to ensure the time and leave a kind of home users. "These are the minimum requirements." Reflexologist fat said.

the past one or two years, O2O in China blossom everywhere. But the lazy economy exists, it spawned a large number of door-to-door service O2O, beauty, hairdressing, Manicure, massage and health care in the industry was O2O. A foot massage as the vertical segments also began to O2O.

O2O now compared with the massage, door to help focus more on foot, the bigger market, and users of higher frequency. Now massage class O2O has been close to the Red Sea, and foot O2O has just begun." Li Zhiyong, founder of the home to help TechWeb said.

why do door foot O2O

?To help

in January this year on the line, is to do the first door foot O2O, several O2O enterprise and home massage in the field of Internet are playing different from traditional massage to help industry entity proprietor.

Li Zhiyong

currently has 4 restaurants compete in the health club in Beijing, including Chinese medicine massage, foot massage, SPA, health club project experience, some entities under the line. In Li Zhiyong’s view, this is the advantage compared with other competitors.

, according to Li Zhiyong, the reason for the shift from the store to the Internet, because the Internet can bring more possibilities, more fun. The real growth has not much space, not to appear explosive growth, as the peasant farming, good times can receive much food, bad times can receive much food, are predictable. In addition, the store also has regional restrictions, coverage is generally 3-5 km, the Internet is not.

Li Zhiyong to TechWeb calculations, a survey showed he specializes in the country engaged in massage has 30 million people, a conservative estimate in foot is also 12 million, "if we develop 1 million foot master in our platform, per person per day charge a $100 fee, then every day will have a net income of one hundred million. In addition, the old market, not only can do the door foot, also can give the elderly to do escort."

In addition to the

market size, compared with Manicure, salon, on-site service, on-site foot frequency and the higher price, but also easier to implement standardized, easy to expand. According to Li Zhiyong introduction, heavy with

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