Fan Deyi a new network marketing model B2C platform group site as the center

Fan Deyi a new network marketing model B2C platform group site as the center

March 11, 2017 fsnqaknv 0

A few days before the

to explain the international marketing on the Internet, want to write something about network marketing a little time today, there are many network marketing means or methods, these marketing tactics is related to my knowledge acquisition of Baidu Encyclopedia: search engine marketing, email marketing, instant messaging, viral marketing marketing, BBS marketing, blog marketing, RSS marketing, SN podcast marketing, marketing, marketing, creative advertising on the B2B website to publish information or business registration, event marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, in newsgroups and forums posted on the website information, image marketing, network marketing, network marketing, network marketing, video pictures benefit network marketing, link exchange / advertising exchange (refer to Baidu, the marketing model can be used);

speakers talk about network marketing I put it into the B2C e-commerce network marketing, network marketing in the country to use more and more. This kind of marketing method is mainly used in the traditional commodity network sales or network marketing, some virtual service products are not much use. Taobao virtualization services products, has its own advantages, but also has its own disadvantages. Only through the integration of multi network resources, in order to make this marketing more lethal.

below Taobao sales virtualization services products, talk about my personal point of view:

With the increase of

in Taobao China e-commerce market share, the diversity of Taobao shopping will gradually appear differentiation, do any product sales network has become possible, so the virtual service product sales will have a great opportunity. But only through the opening of a Taobao shop, the establishment of a B2C platform, I personally think it is not enough.

I did a market survey about network shoppers, they are engaged in any product purchase, will be to the network on a scratch wantonly, 80% shoppers will go to Taobao, pat the query to see if there are similar products, these queries will not only include the traditional course clothes, shoes, in recent years and the emergence of a large number of insurance and other virtual service sales, perhaps a few years ago was unbelievable, but it does exist. This virtual product market continues to expand; this phenomenon has been explained that the Internet users have begun to spread from the traditional demand for goods to the needs of virtual service products. With the popularity of the network to 80 90 network dependence, network or e-commerce website products will achieve a broader market, the traditional sales model, perhaps in the next few years by the strong impact of the network market, this is also the reason why Amazon, Dangdang and other money to open the exhibition electronic mall occupies a space for one person in the network.

market competition in the future, will inevitably fall on the network this. At present, China network competition and perhaps many enterprises realized, but there is no attention, I want to say is, I don’t attach importance to the network, you want to win the competition in the future, you will be in the network the smoke of the place more effort. >

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