1288 eighty percent off group purchase website listed for sale No one shows any interest in prematur

1288 eighty percent off group purchase website listed for sale No one shows any interest in prematur

March 11, 2017 eokpgjcq 0

bubble after 3 months, group purchase website soon saw a decline.

June 24th, group purchase website 1288 hang out on its website on a special commodity, and use a large font that "the sale of 1288 group purchase price of 100 thousand". At the same time, the site is also on behalf of another group to buy peer – 7888 buy network. This is in the hundreds of domestic group purchase websites poured out of the boom, first stated on its website price from the sale of group purchase website.

from the beginning of March this year, between the U.S. mission network, full network, love to group, handles network, Wowo network, 24 coupons and cool group network group purchase website emerge like bamboo shoots after a spring rain night. According to incomplete statistics, at present only domestic buy site has more than more than and 400. But, surprisingly, these sites are almost the cloning of Groupon network, from the page design and marketing concept and business model is exactly the same.

but after a short madness, the drawbacks of the Group buy site also exposed. Buy site does not allow us to enjoy the service." Buy a lot of people who complain about the experience, buy site price greatly reduced, and its services will also be discounted. In addition, the business model of this business is also very sober. Chinese health massage chain, China Liang Zi, the relevant person in charge told the IT Time, buy the site to make the fire shop more fire, cold shop still deserted, and can not bring new business opportunities." There are even businesses that will no longer cooperate with the buy network.

troubled 1288

1288 site was built in May 1, 2010, it includes self sale website domain name, server hosting, space station program and web site data, and that the original 500 thousand, now eighty percent off sold 100 thousand yuan, the deadline of June 25th. The sale of 7888 buy network list, the original price of 250 thousand yuan, is now sold for only $5000. In addition, the 1288 site claiming that there is a stable flow, suitable for small game site operations, but also claimed that a good site does not wait".

is strange, in June 25th 1288, two online sale website orders at the same time to hang out "sold" state. The site did not publish any relevant information. Site founder Huang Weiyu’s mobile phone is always in the state can not provide service.

it is understood that the 1288 group purchase network recently in a number of consumer refund crisis, said that he was attracted by the huge discount website, buy the canvas shoes and other goods, but has not received the goods, since consumers have demanded a refund, although money has been returned to the registration system account, but the user is not by now. Sources said the site has been investigated by the police.

at present, the site announced that only on the web, all cash application will end in July 1st.

began to make businesses boring

although China’s Internet model

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