World retail Congress observed the so called O2O does not save the traditional retail industry

World retail Congress observed the so called O2O does not save the traditional retail industry

March 11, 2017 qwmzqibw 0

one. The concept of the whole channel landing and five trends

full channel retail strategic direction, we have seen. According to my observation at the world retail Congress in France, European and North American retailers, the whole channel is not a concept, has been fully landed.

Chinese intime CEO Mr. Daniel Chan, Mr. Mao Jihong and the head of exception brand shop Chairman Mr. Yu Gang on behalf of China speeches. Chinese retailers began to embrace the whole channel, after Suning, Wangfujing, rainbow, BBK has announced high-profile their full channel strategy.


we have five trends in the observation of the full channel;

1, the mobile channel will become the main channel of the electricity supplier business;

2, social networking will be the hub of the entire channel;

3, e-commerce contributed more than sales of 50%;

4, big data is the cornerstone of the whole channel marketing, nuclear weapons is the decisive battle of the whole channel. There is no big data, there is no competition in the highlands; big data is digital oil, can achieve close dialogue with each customer, 1 pairs of 1 recommendations and 1 pairs of 1 precision marketing;

5, lasting emotional connection and consistency of the customer experience is the core of the whole channel.

For example,

·, John Lewis; the core position of Electronic Commerce on the company’s business, and began to build their own customers around the whole channel customer experience and innovation, e-commerce sales more than 25%. In the past, "the product as the center, the store as the center" of the retail distribution model, has been a new generation of "customer centric, e-commerce centric" model replaced.

The French company

DDT introduced the French retail market for us, e-commerce with France’s 20 largest retailer head has been close to 20%, of which 70% from the mobile mobile business, 30% from the Online online.

Chinese intime CEO Mr. Daniel Chan said, "thanks to our opponents, strength in Yintai shop on the ground, shop, store mobile and social media channels for future fusion is the department store industry to establish a benchmark and find the renaissance."


two.O2M – a shortcut to full channel strategy

full channel about the fate of each retailer. But the concept of the whole channel to take root in China, the path becomes the key to the success of the channel strategy and the key to success.

according to my case study and thinking over the past year, China’s retail industry is a strategic breakthrough in the whole channel O2M, rather than the current domestic hot O2O. I didn’t hear the word O2O at the conference. So what is O2M, that is, Offline 2 Mobile, or On>

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