Alipay push fast payment limit on the amount of online banking transactions to circumvent

Alipay push fast payment limit on the amount of online banking transactions to circumvent

March 11, 2017 tbdwgekl 0

Alibaba will be part of the bank recently lowered the online banking payment limits brought to the climax of the noise again.

in China Merchants Bank online banking payment amount by a week later, on April 18th, Alipay announced the joint China bank industrial and commercial bank, construction bank, Agricultural Bank and other 10 banks launched fast pay, through the fast payment platform, users do not open online banking, can be directly through the input information quickly complete the payment card. That is to say, Alipay bypassed the online banking transaction amount limit.

April 20th, Alibaba and China CITIC Bank jointly announced in its comprehensive strategic cooperation, will jointly launched the "unlimited" (on the card in the amount allowed) online payment function, it is directed at other banks’ online banking payment limit down".

in the bank tried to cut pressure on the third party payment through online banking facility, Alipay is trying to exhaust all the skills. Through the fast payment platform, payment will change the past through online banking to pay the passive situation of restricted banks. According to Alipay sources, "quick payment platform established, Alipay will lay the foundation for future mobile payment cut.

bank down payment limit only for transaction security

?China Merchants Bank

announced the day before, since April 11th, the personal banking public version of online banking payment customer transaction limit from 5000 yuan to 500 yuan a day. China Merchants Bank is not the first public version of online banking payment limit down bank. As early as March, ICBC, Minsheng online banking Public Edition, GF debit card universal version of the payment limit also lowered.

bank online banking limit down directly to the third party payment companies interpreted as bank restricted the development of the third party payment business".


, an electronic banking on "Chinese business newspaper" reporter said, recently the number of banks reduced the amount of online banking, and some time ago about the frequent phishing sites, online payment limit down, mainly is to reduce the risks of Internet payment, on the other hand also reduce credit card cash online opportunity. By this means to limit the third party payment is not meaningful, but reduce the user experience, The loss outweighs the gain."

, of course, the electronic banking department, said the bank lowered the payment limit behavior will inevitably indirectly hurt the third party payment company.

it is understood that the number of banks reduced the online banking limits related to the third party payment companies including Alipay, TenPay, quick money, Yi Bao chinapnr, etc., will affect the payment of large amount of short-term trading. The original can be paid through micro channel business gateway, were pushed to the large gateway, such as, before a bank down payment limit of 5000 yuan under the online banking, online payment services can be paid through common gateway channels, but in the bank cut net payment limit to $500 after the original payment transactions in 500 yuan to 5000 yuan between the channel via the common gateway will be unable to pay, must be paid by large gateway.


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