A5 inventory those over the past 315 years in the gun nternet companies

A5 inventory those over the past 315 years in the gun nternet companies

March 11, 2017 tbdwgekl 0

2014 CCTV 315 party has pulled the curtain, in 315 years the Internet listing gun enterprises, many companies therefore lost its potential? How many Internet companies in the gun for the magic, another official disclosure of similar reasons in the wind and rain? Why the gun incident, after the gun had some falling from the sky, hard to get up, some enterprises can deal with the handsome, achieve gorgeous


gun can be cured or even more robust depends on two things: "body" itself has excellent quality, 315 guns are almost equal to death.



data of the times, people are coveted accurate information, have hidden

personal information security

the development of the Internet industry enterprises have already become saturated, the work to achieve their business full attractive. In the white hot stage IT are increasingly turning to the DT era, accurate data can directly enhance the conversion rate, to achieve the interests of all cash, no wonder whether large enterprises in small enterprises have struggled for accurate data mining, and even enterprises to reach the target consumer touch the bottom line, fearless against user privacy.

this 315 party, the exposure of the Internet is: Nikon camera did not fulfill the Three Guarantees, the performance of fault D600 camera refused to return; Datang artifact malicious software pre installed mobile phone was traced to the NetEase to pay; sweep the two-dimensional code virus, stolen user accounts, passwords and other information.

has in recent years "315" IT information security exposure incident: 2009 by hackers to steal personal information on the Internet, and mobile phone antivirus software at a low price sold in 2011; Qin, flies download malicious users to earn fees: fly to flow caused by a fault only netqin mobile phone can solve; 2012 because the disclosure of user information leads to a large number of China Telecom users receive spam messages, online banking user privacy stolen money lead to loss; in 2013 the "3.15 party" exposure suspected spy case NetEase mailbox user privacy, the use of long-term tracking user habits build a huge database, in order to achieve precision to push send spam in 2013; the high moral map has been blasting the personal information links to third party websites to share all kinds of the input function, user login account password will be used to keep the High German plaintext.

from hackers to steal personal information changes in 2009 to today’s Internet companies directly to spy on user privacy, it turns on again a hypocrite, the villain of the road and how far is


315 point their guns at most stay in touch with timely treatment anti Tim "heroic spirit"

315 CCTV crackdown, any enterprise can not be underestimated, in line with the interests of consumers to ensure development of the principle of the 315 party program that is a wrong and admit, comprehensive consideration of the legal exposure venue and moral opinion can suppress the. Dare to admit and provide appropriate treatment.

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