Now even WeChat can not save micro business

Now even WeChat can not save micro business

March 11, 2017 ckrekbra 0

Abstract: there is a WeChat shopping, after the beautiful said, in fact, WeChat has long wanted to be good, the B2C business has been over 50 billion of the market value of the Jingdong, the C2C business to be listed has been said to be beautiful. WeChat itself does not give more support to micro providers.


on micro business there are two very extreme cognitive bias, a micro channel is considered MLM, and the other is that micro business is to buy things on WeChat.

first of all, why do not micro dealers, in accordance with the law, MLM should meet the following three points:

required by the development of personnel to pay the cost or to subscribe for goods and other means to pay fees in disguise;

to obtain membership to develop the qualifications of others;

seek illegal interests.

does not rule out some criminals use the circle of friends to do some acquaintance circle agents, the development of offline marketing activities. But most of the micro business or speak good faith, principled.

micro business and WeChat’s relationship is not large, but at present WeChat grasp the lifeblood of micro business. On the one hand, micro business is very much hope to get the recognition of Tencent, a platform for endorsement; on the other hand, WeChat eager to provide transaction protection and traffic support, through 700 million of the users to micro business diversion. But WeChat doesn’t seem to have much of an impact on these aspects. Can be said to hold a wait-and-see attitude.

and micro businesses have begun to break away from WeChat circle of friends, turned to the distribution platform, the user through the circle of friends to the platform diversion. For micro business platform, there are three bottlenecks: supply, operation and flow. WeChat firmly in control of the mobile terminal social traffic, which is not able to break the micro providers. Micro merchants who are strongly dependent on WeChat circle of friends and the public number. If you do not solve these problems, it will be a long time under the WeChat.

even if WeChat strong point but to cover and contain everything, can not resolve the substantive issues of micro business sellers.

first, strong relationships do not represent strong influence. WeChat’s strong relationship chain is easy to make an illusion, if not to sell things, the average person’s circle of friends will not be added to the 200. For ordinary people, the impact is extremely limited, no radiation effect. If there is no special expertise and research in a way, it is difficult to bring new users. Currently on the basis of the relationship between the friends of the chain chain generated transactions, basically rely on trust to do support. If it is not high frequency and high profit products, re purchase seems unlikely.

second, the network media from the media to do a good job. Many people subconsciously believe that the network red and from the media can do micro business (or vertical electricity supplier), because they have the influence and the right to speak, there are a lot of fans backing, in fact, otherwise. In addition to a small number of such a large number of users such as the thinking of the user base and personal charm of the media can get good results, the majority will be reduced to product advertising spokesperson. For example, micro-blog >

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