Taobao’s growth path

Taobao’s growth path

March 11, 2017 qrcdssnf 0

    after several years of development, now Taobao has embarked on the road of branding, and promote the development of domestic e-commerce. Taobao is a flagship of China’s C2C industry. After several years of hard work and the implementation of two consecutive three years on all merchant shop free, has now become a lot of people in the supermarket, has high user viscosity, but also provide jobs for tens of thousands of Chinese people.

contact Taobao for several years, remember the concept of e-commerce in 03 years and then the public mind is still relatively vague, and do many years of B2B business Alibaba began targeting the huge C2C market. And the implementation of online shop users to implement a comprehensive business. It can be said that, in addition to the Internet, you do not have to pay anything on the Internet to buy things, which is quite attractive to the seller at that time. On the contrary, it is a competitor’s ebay but will charge some of the items on the shelves and transaction costs will be charged a fee! This may be related to the situation at that time, when Taobao was just launched in the development stage is still in the stage of the rival ebay but occupy most of the domestic C2C market share. Just as the development of Taobao, free of charge is a very attractive place, then Taobao has launched Alipay, then Alipay is not independent, but has begun to take shape, through this platform and Alibaba in the electronic commerce influence, "the buyer paid to Taobao, Taobao and then inform the buyer of shipment; etc. buyers receive the goods to confirm the loan, if not received the goods can apply for a refund" mode of operation. At the same time, the seller provides real name authentication and credit system. Greatly reduces the risk of online shopping. The delay in the launch of eBay’s payment function has led to a significant loss of market share. Taobao later put a large portion of the money to extend the function and role of Alipay, which operate independently. Also gradually occupy a larger share of the domestic electronic payment market. Through the Alipay interface, not Taobao people can also be used for their own shopping site, thereby saving the cost and to the bank for payment of this complex link. So far, there are a lot of customers. Like the larger domestic PHP forum program development provider DISCUZ also use their interface, as if the forum is also used to move their network, remember not too clear.

Taobao six years of development of huge capital investment, but has not received a penny to the user. Where is his profit point? The original very superficial idea is to have huge deals to hit Alipay account every day, from which they may extract a part of the funds for other investments and they put on the site should be paid to their user loan interest. But it does not take into account the consequences of such a large amount of misappropriation of funds is very serious, several major state-owned banks can not do not know the abnormal flow of funds. It seems that he was too superficial to see it.

the end of last year to now, has made a series of astonishing move: selling low discount ticket, Unicom mobile recharge calls, and the two.

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