Christmas is coming Do you have any ideas

Christmas is coming Do you have any ideas

March 11, 2017 bzdhfkjy 0

holiday marketing is a special period of marketing activities, is different from the regular marketing of special activities, it often presents the characteristics of concentration, sudden, abnormal and scale. How to implement, control and evaluate the festival marketing activities to achieve the goal.

this weekend is Christmas, for marketing people, Christmas is definitely not a dinner show loving child dog happy holiday, it is possible to carry out this year’s "brains", and wait for next year "trick", so now you have a good idea of what the


with the rise of online shopping, the growing demand for online shopping increasingly difficult to meet, and retailers have to face this challenge. We learned from Jingdong, Alibaba and other electronic business platform, the establishment of cross-border shopping area of China’s electronic business platform, have not launched a large-scale promotional activities during the christmas.

wanted to be "double eleven" "shuangshier" event has just passed, and Christmas is not our holiday. In contrast, Amazon’s overseas purchase performance is more positive, the Amazon China told reporters that the platform will launch a more diversified category, rich international brands and exclusive merchandise.

and the stores are sitting still, many commercial street, the store has put on the Christmas tree, a discount.

in early November, Starbucks gave their cups all put on a "new Christmas", the 13 cup of some graffiti from the students, some from the nurse, and from the avant-garde artist pen.


copy is as everyone knows, what about Christmas, they out how to copy


like Christmas holiday marketing, businesses should be one month ahead of time on the proposal and began to make, because it requires the use of a number of platforms and channels. Good team batted and running is not enough, the key will have to make an appointment in advance of advertising.

During the

Festival, the fierce market competition, the market demand is strong, making the festival marketing activities not only requires enterprises quickly launched marketable IT products, making attractive prices, so that the target customers to get the products they need. You can also create public relations events, the use of a news event to promote the publicity of products or enterprises, such as the love of social activities, sports sponsorship or star promotions. Of course, some of the theme of advertising, from the color, the title to the program, activities, etc., can highlight the festive atmosphere, creating holiday business opportunities.

A5 marketing ( friendship remind you: no matter whether you are keen to spread the holiday marketing people, please remember that the audience will not pay special attention to your brand on christmas. It has always been the work must be in place, will make the activity more color


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