Easy to say that the driver did not send a car to send money was a protest CEO that dozens of people

Easy to say that the driver did not send a car to send money was a protest CEO that dozens of people

March 11, 2017 tazhawsu 0


easy to say that the driver did not send a car to send the money was protesting CEO Zhou hang: that dozens of people want to make things big


in late spring and early summer in Beijing in the afternoon, dry wind, is hot. Liu Xiaohui and dozens of colleagues sitting in a Zhongguancun Office Square step in front of the building, looking anxious, helpless.

this day is May 23rd. Two days ago, Liu Xiaohui car Internet services platform easy to car in Beijing’s famous art district 798 held a press conference, announced a strategic cooperation with Volvo to promote the automotive and mobile Internet cross-border integration".

Liu Xiaohui

but not in the mood at the moment pondering this "big" slogan. As a driver, he is more concerned about when the car is easy to be able to release in April. The money is more than ten thousand yuan, is his only source of income.

in accordance with the agreement to join, 15 to 25 per month, easy to use the car will be transferred to the last month’s income to cooperate with the car rental company account, the latter issued to the driver. In the past, the money is often 15 days after the payment has been completed; but until May 23rd, Liu Xiaohui is still unable to receive the return of April, which makes him a little anxious.

together with Liu Xiaohui came to the car company downstairs easy to talk about the seventy or eighty drivers, involving the amount ranging from three thousand or four thousand to ten thousand four or five. They also played a few banners, one of which is quite black humor: easy to, but also stolen, and the line and treasure".

but soon, two police cars rushed to the scene, and asked them to hold banners, order. Drivers meekly roll away banners, quietly sat down, waiting for one’s own behalf and easy to use the results of the negotiations.

easy to explain to the car is that the driver’s bill there is doubt". One of the most controversial is the "price" activities, the event provides users only need to pay a fixed amount, can be in a certain time and mileage range random car, very affordable.

from January this year, the car is easy to Ctrip and its partners began to promote "buy" hope by failing to seize the market. Drivers at the beginning of this does not conflict, because easy to car will be based on the actual cost of subsidies. But in May, they were told this month to postpone the checkout, because the list should strengthen the audit.

drivers identified, easy to car is in the egg inside the bones, deliberately dragging money. For example, the customer ID code is wrong, the wrong track, GPS positioning is not allowed, etc., can become an excuse." The presence of a driver on Sina Technology said.

in mid May, dozens of drivers have been easy to negotiate with the car, on Wednesday conducted second negotiations, but failed to solve the problem. This time, they hit the banner, trying to get more attention from the common use of this vulnerable group

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