Close the QVOD server with the police investigation Nora you can not afford to toss it

Close the QVOD server with the police investigation Nora you can not afford to toss it

March 11, 2017 qnbblzgg 0


with a April 17th shut down the QVOD server (in order to eradicate piracy and vulgar content, using multicast technology we decided to close qvod server, stop the video on demand and energy-saving technology based on. From then on, the former Nora mode end. ) received more attention, this is the website screen watching, today was great news, Nora headquarters encountered police investigation.

to hide the "anti pornography" advance transformation

closed QVOD server news leaked in Nora, the industry had called the transformation or Nora and "carry out pornography", "anti pornography – net 2014" since the implementation, resulting in the literary world turmoil, many literary website was shut. Including amidst the red novel network, "Cuiwei novel network", "91 panda reading network" website. This is called "Indoorsman artifact", in the pornography trend seems to have to transition. The media reported that Nora implies pornographic content, adolescent health hazard, this is Nora referred to as "Indoorsman artifact", this point had to find another way to force Nora transformation.

police investigation Nora company headquarters

news today, according to media reports, around 11 this morning, a large number of police entered Nora company to control all employees, not to touch the phone and computer, while the company all computer storage. This is a shocking news issued, and also caused the majority of Internet users, a netizen said: Nora Nora hold on, don’t cry, we are all our people! This brief comment reminds me, after tossing so big, Nora is also a good go? It’s transformation the success of success, it? How to go after the transition? And so on a series of issues before Nora eyes, how to go after the transition in order to retain the previous user? This is our company leaders to consider the issue. We can only make a guess.

media launched a way to echo said Nora

whether or not because of "anti pornography" forced the closure of the QVOD server, the police why Nora’s investigation, which has been a matter of fact, our transformation is the need to face the fact that cannot be changed. Transformation, how? "From" it just ready to encounter such a big thing, if you can smoothly transition is our concern. With the development of the Internet, the video site is beyond count, earlier, Youku potatoes now with excellent soil, Sohu and later Iqiyi video in video website, easy to watch video at the same time, also for the fight at outrance.

Nora transformation, we can not deny that the reason is not because of competitors. The intensity of competition, a direct impact on the life and death of some small video sites. Only can withstand the fast transformation, good to go.

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