Shanghai site webmaster second party

Shanghai site webmaster second party

March 11, 2017 gtfgzpay 0

Standing friends:

5 27, 100 station legend, focusing on Shanghai. You, come?

You, is the protagonist. Not to Alexa ranking, not to return, not heroes head; but optimistic: dream and perfect work station. Webmaster gathering site can be compared to a Web2.0 community, or designated 2-3 theme circle, and then divided into a number of free theme groups. On this platform, the owners are free to join.

(metro line two Nanjing Road station, exit 1, right along the street walk across the street; the bus line is about one hundred meters, please check)

: personal webmaster, Internet operators management, planning, technology and personnel; (not in the entry on the list: no registration, or not approved, and marketing personnel, please not faze)

13:00-13:45 sign in, self introduction and communication;

13:45-14:00 organizers introduce party matters;

14:00-15:30 party theme exchange;

The target

2, pending the theme

15:30-17:00 free group, free sub theme exchange;

17:00-17:30 webmaster photo;


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